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The ONLY way to experience 'Oneness' with each other is to experience oneness with ourselves. If Mind Consciousness has not met and merged with Spiritual Consciousness, then we are not one with ourselves. We are still operating at the level of mind - ego. We are still lost in appearances. It is only at the level of Spirit we recognize that our brothers and sisters are literally ourselves.

It is not enough to know Spirit theoretically - it must be experiential. And you will know when this has occurred for you will literally lose all personal identity - even your own name will seem unfamiliar to you. More than this - every act will feel like a divine act - such has walking or doing the dishes. Every moment will feel like gold. Furthermore, you will have a clarity of mind you never had before and a heart that is open like a child's.

Metaphysics provides us with the right principles to understand the difference between the real and not real, while providing up with the right practices - or rather non- practices that support realization of the Self. It does not matter what school of thought or religion you are from because they all teach the same principles which is all metaphysics is concerned with.

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