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“The mind is like a lake. It reflects eternity when it’s very still. If ripples appear, lots of them, then the reflection is not clear. We lose the clarity of the perfect reflection.” — Frederick Lenz



The reason the mind and body of both the individual and collective do not reflect the true Self is because we have not yet learned to keep our Inner I still in a state of meditative Being so that Spirit might flow through the mind and bless the body and body of the world. In this manner we live by Faith Aka Claircognizance or knowing, which is a superior state of thinking. The quality and quantity of true thought is vastly different to Egoic thinking that is incessant and uninspired.

As the Ego, we use the eyes of flesh to inform our Inner I, causing the mind to become active in taking and creating thought, which in turn causes us to recreate life as opposed to creating it as Spirit. This wrong use of mind also causes us to veil Spirit for Spirit cannot see itself in a lake that is stirred up. The Mind must become still for Spirit to recognize itself hence the bringing about of Self Realization.

Once the true Self is Realized, the Ego dies, slowly but surely.

~ Love Tracy

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