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I have been asked to rewrite my superhero message in a way that is not specific to Marvel, in order to help people better understand its meaning. I thought I would share it here, as it can be beneficial for many to comprehend this message.

There's an astounding story of natural balance embedded within the interplay of two elemental forces - The Tornado and The Mountain.

The Tornado, our equivalent to Ironman, embodies unpredictability. The Mountain, our Captain America, embodies stability. Both of these natural phenomena originate from the same earth.

The Tornado is a manifestation of Earth's scientific laws. It is powerful, unpredictable, destructive, and driven to reshape the world.

The Mountain is a manifestation of earth's creative wonder. It is sturdy, sacrificing parts of itself to the forces of nature, a cornerstone, and on a mission to shelter life.

Destruction and creation. Nature is another term we use to describe what we cannot fit within our imagination.

Replace the term "world" with "ecosystem," and you'll grasp the balance of nature. There are two energies within an ecosystem that have the same goal but experience it differently.

Anyone who has observed the aftermath of a tornado or the resiliency of a mountain knows that when the two forces clash, only one seems to prevail, but when the two coexist, the ecosystem thrives.

The aim isn't to fight the destructive force; the aim is to understand its role in nature, which brings light to its purpose and unveils the truth inherent in all living things. The tornado is nature, the mountain is nature, the universe is nature.

When we grasp this message, we no longer need to shield ourselves from nature's unpredictability.

Get your 9vibes aligned!

~ 9vibes


*Added note from me...

Realize this creation and destruction tempers the Human Soul, purifying it, so that the temporary Temple we call the Subconscious Aka Human Soul (which people unfortunately identify with, causing an Egoic mindset) can be shaped into the likeness of one's true and eternal Self beyond form. The instrument of Peace being shaped (Human Soul) cannot ever influence the true Self, so the tempering process of both creation and destruction, does not harm the true Self at all.

Life is like a movie - we all play a role. The trick is not to identify as this role - to remain a witness only, keeping they presence always within and as the Presence of the truth self, so that whatever comes your way, even when you walk through the valley of death, you will be upheld in perfect peace and comfort.

~ Love Tracy

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