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My favourite genre is sci fi and my favourite movie series at the moment is Dune. I have watched the first one like 20 times lol and I am not exaggerating and really looking forward to the second one being released later in the year.

I love this quote! Once all Maya (F.E.A.R - False Evidence Appearing Real) has fallen away in realization of the truth only I am - the true Self remains. When the false 'idea of Self' is gone, there is a vacuum that Spirit fills, so that I live (Spiritual I), yet not I (Mind's I).

Mind is a dream, an illusion, maya. Once Mind holds one thought (Rather than dividing into a legion - a stream of thinking) it becomes Awareness. It becomes a pure reflection of Awareness. Awareness is another name for Soul. Once the true Self is perfectly reflected in and as Mind, two become One.

Don't forget life is just like a movie. Don't mistake your true Self for the role you are playing.

"Find out the real infinite 'I'. Rest there peacefully forever and become identical with the Supreme Self" - Sri Ramana Maharshi

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