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Here is another take or conceptualization of Truth, within the broad scope of metaphysics which is found in all schools of thoughts, creeds and religions.


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Using your third eye allows you to transcend fear and see with clarity.

The story of Pinocchio depicts a wooden puppet who comes to life after a wish is made but he cannot hide a lie due to his nose growing and giving him away. It teaches us that truth is rooted in love, not fear. If fear persists in your perception, it indicates that you are relying solely on your two physical eyes, which perceive the world in duality.

Pinocchio, or "pine oculus," presents symbolism that sheds light on this concept. The pine cone represents nature's pristine design, a creation of the divine made with the golden ratio, while "oculus" refers to the eye.

To truly awaken your third eye, you must embrace the perspective of the creator's eye. By doing so, you go beyond the limitations of fear and open yourself to a deeper understanding of truth and love!

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