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From ~~~ Sat-Darshana Bhashya and Talks with Maharshi: T.8


They say that mind is two-fold;

there is the higher pure mind

as well as the lower impure mind.

The impure mind cannot know but the pure knows.

It does not mean that the pure mind

measures the immeasurable Self, the Brahman.

It means the Self makes itself felt in the pure mind

so that even when you are in the midst of thoughts

you feel the Presence,

you realize the truth that you are one with the deeper Self

and the thought-waves are there only on the surface.


The destruction of the mind or of the ego you speak of

is then not an absolute destruction?



The mind gets clear of impurities

and becomes pure enough to reflect the truth,

the real Self.

This is impossible when the ego is active and assertive.

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