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Crystals have long been regarded as living entities, with their distinct frequencies and vibrations. This understanding of crystals as a vital life force has been acknowledged throughout history, including by the brilliant inventor Nikola Tesla.

Ancient civilizations held crystals in high esteem, as seen in the Urim and Thummim, a breastplate adorned with crystals worn by the Hebrew High Priest Aaron.

These crystals were believed to facilitate divine communication, with each of the 12 representing a specific aspect. The unique property of these crystals was that they would remain dull if a statement was false but illuminate in a captivating display of multi-coloured lights when a statement was true.

Exploring their historical symbolism and significance allows us to appreciate their cultural and spiritual context without endorsing or condemning their usage. Crystals hold a rich tapestry of beliefs and practices throughout various cultures, and by understanding their historical importance, we can foster a deeper appreciation for their diverse roles in human history.

The most intriguing aspect about certain crystals, like fluorite and halite, is their remarkable alignment with the number nine. Due to their cubic structure, these crystals have the extraordinary ability to exhibit nine distinct orientations!

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