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“Beloved disciple, the question that you have put is of the utmost importance and acceptable to realised souls well versed in the scriptures. It is like an aphorism bearing a subtle meaning and understandable to him who craves liberation. Listen to this reply with a calm and undisturbed mind and your bonds will be cut asunder at once. The primary means of obtaining liberation is vairagya [dispassion]. Other qualities such as tranquility, self-control, forbearance, and renunciation of activity can come later, later again the hearing of Vedantic Truth, and still later, meditation on that Truth. Finally comes perpetual and prolonged meditation on Brahman. This gives rise to Nirvikalpa samadhi, through which is attained the strength for direct realization of the Supreme Self. This power of direct realization enables the discriminating soul to experience the bliss of liberation here and now. Such is the sadhana [spiritual practice] leading to liberation".

~ Sri Ramana Maharshi

*note - Dispassion is 'no desire'

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