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by Michael Singer

Just like, well, I want to know about the glasses. It sits there and it holds water. All I want to know about the mind is it sits there and talks about what happened before and talks about what it thinks will make it happy, what it thinks will make it sad, and what to do about it. So you just relax. Then you’re done with the mind. It’s that easy. If you’re willing to do it, it’s that easy. You don’t have to fight with it. You don’t have to do anything. You just relax behind it and let it be what it is.

What will happen? One, all of your energy, all of your will, all of your being will no longer get pulled into the process of what the mind is talking about. Why? Because you’re not listening. It’s that simple. Where will all that energy go? Where will all that will all that qi, all that Shakti go? It will remain seated within the seat of self. People don’t know what that means yet. You shouldn’t think about it because the mind can’t know. The self is what watches the mind. The mind can’t watch itself. It is the consciousness that is aware of the mind. By not getting involved in the mind, the consciousness remains seated and centered within its own self. And you start to experience the nature of your own being. And that’s why this is the spiritual path. Didn’t sound like the spiritual path when you were talking about wanting and not wanting and all that stuff, right?

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