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You give life to whatever you are conscious of therefore be careful what you give your attention too.

Your attention can only be in two places: your thoughts or the present moment.

If you are present in your thoughts you are being guided by the mind.

If you are in the present moment while outside of your thoughts, you are being guided by Awareness Aka Soul being Spiritual Consciousness.

The present Moment aligns mind consciousness with spiritual consciousness through and as one's Awareness Aka Soul/Subconscious/Present Moment.

Thought misaligns you as Mind Consciousness with Spiritual Consciousness as it is absent in its own Awareness a both the Subconscious and Present Moment due to being present in its own thoughts which are maya, giving physical birth to false images such as sickness and disease.

Your mind is like a magnifying glass. The sun only shines in the Present Moment.

Now is the only point of power you will ever have.

Everything else is imagination and imagination is not real. Now is real!

"Ideas are dangerous things to love" - Atticus

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