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In the Bible, there is a well-known story of Jesus turning water into wine. At a wedding with his mother, they ran out of wine, and after his mother urged him to act but he replied by saying "it is not my time yet."

Jesus later commanded the servants to fill six stone jugs with water. He then instructed them to tip the water into a cup that was to be given to the host. To the host's surprise, it was the best wine he had ever tasted. Upon further reflection, the story takes on a deeper significance.

The six stone jugs each held 20-30 gallons of water, totalling to 1,440 pounds of weight.

1 gallon = 8lbs

8x30=240lbs of water

240lbs x 6 stone jugs = 1,440

Interestingly, the Octahedron, which represents the element of air, also has 1,440 degrees, while the total number of minutes in 24 hours is also 1,440. If we divide 1,440 minutes by the 20 gallons of water mentioned in the story, we get 72. As three days is equivalent to 72 hours, we see the significance of the number three, a powerful number often used in the Bible when referencing Jesus.

Jesus rose from the dead after three days

Jesus was arrested on the third hour

Jesus said he will raise the temple in three days

To name a few. '

I want to make it clear that this is not a religious or anti-religious post. I am not for or against Jesus, as I rely on knowledge from various sources. I just share what is found in the alignments with nine!

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