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I am the sea in the wave

And a wave in the sea.

In thinking I am a wave

I forget I am the Sea.

In forgetting I am the Sea

I resist its current, its flow,

Causing stormy waters.

But when I stop thinking I am a wave,

I start being the Sea in the wave again

restoring oneness and balance.

Thinking made all the difference

Not what I think

but if I think - or not.

The mind is like the Soul's eye glasses. If the Mind is thinking the glasses become foggy causing the Soul to lose its sight. Blind it forgets itself as the I of Spirit and identifies as I of Mind. When you stop thinking and start being in and as the Moment, your glasses defog and your vision is restored allowing you to realize thy Self in reality outside the Maya of Mind.

Your job in life is to get your heartbeat to match the heartbeat of the world, not force it to match yours.

Your thoughts about life resist the reality of what life is actually being in the moment.

Drop your thoughts of the moment and you become the moment that is guided by Spiritual Consciousness as opposed to Mind Consciousness.

Resist not

You do not become the true Self, because you are always that.

You stop being the false Self

and the only way to do that is to stop living in your thoughts

and start living in the moment AS the moment.

This means discipling the attention of the mind to stay in the Moment (Itself as Awareness)

while keeping its attention outside of creating or following after thought.

This is the way. The only way.

The only way to escape the illusion of mind is to stop moving mentally and be very very still while the moment moves around and as you. Soon two become one. You as the wave realize you are a part of the Sea not apart from it. Thinking differentiates. Being 'Undifferentiates'.

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