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You can't glue wings on the caterpillar and believe that is butterfly. Change must occur on its own, from within. It cannot be forced. However, it must be embodied.

True love requires honesty. Complete honesty with yourself. Which leads us to the realization, that the greatest wisdom lies in the absolute surrender.

If you're constantly lying about who you are, the spirit of love, will not open you to the Infinite Unlimited Reality.

Awakening is not changing who you are, but discarding who you are not.

Simply this. It’s an undoing of the self that’s trying to get anywhere.

Don't resist or push thoughts. Don't attempt to control. As soon as you notice them, simply let it slide by as you return attention to the breath. Breath is wondrous helper in reducing the mind chatter. Following the breath, slowly you will let go of unnecessary thought process.

The tight knot of self dissolves in the space of open awareness.

You are emptiness itself, clothed in a light membrane that appears as the body-self.

But your true nature is openness.

Don't give your allegiance to the restlessness of your mind. Go into your depth and align with the silent stillness here.

Real contentment is discovering the transcendence within you, realizing who you are beyond form and conditioning. To be aware of your infinite nature is the greatest blessing.

The first stage we recognize that we are the witness of all experience. In the second one, that witnessing consciousness is all pervading and eternal. The third stage we realize that there never was, never will be anything but Eternal Self. All-One. Infinite Singularity.

At some point within infinity, Life is living 'you'. There is, in fact, no boundary, no container, no ground, and no center—you and life are, and always have been, one.

Life is be-ing Love.

~ Mazhar Ahmed

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