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We are all subject to the mind. Few of us have realized the Self which means, as mind, cut off from its true intelligence, its Source, we navigate the world blind, tripping up, crashing into things and people, causing damage to ourselves and others. All of us at night cry into our pillows with the shame of hurting others in our ignorance, whether it is, misunderstanding them, not being there for our children or our parents, stealing what is not ours to support our addictions or any number of things. Life is hard - really really hard when lived egoically, which is the case for the majority at this point in our evolution.

When we are Self-Realized our lives become beneficial and non-maleficent as we are guided by a Presence that is omniscient, loving and one with all being and non-being. A Self-Realized person would no sooner hurt another than your left arm would hurt the right arm. But it takes lifetimes of evolution and the working out of karma to get to this place, so in the meantime....

Let us be compassionate and understanding. Not understanding anyone particular sins because that is mentalism. No - understand that all of us being cut off from the truth of our being are all doing life blind while doing the best we can.

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