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Shadow work is often misunderstood as a battle that one needs to fight against their inner demons. However, this is far from the truth. Shadow work is actually a process of illumination where one shines a light on their choices, past, and life to reveal patterns that led them there.

It is like proofreading your own life. Shadow casting is similar to shining a light through a 3D object to reveal a 2D path. Challenges only arise if you resist or reject the path that is revealed. If you refuse to understand your decisions, you may end up wanting to eliminate the part of you that made them, leading to violence, anger, and denial.

To raise your energy, vibration, and frequency, there are several tools you can use, including meditation, exercise, positive music, chakra frequencies, centering prayer, cleaning, or gardening.

Consider someone who you have a negative perception of, and jot down their name on a piece of paper. After that, list nine things that cause you distress, annoyance or frustration about this individual.

Next, erase their name and replace it with your own. Greet your shadow self, which embodies the parts of you that you may not like, acknowledge them and start your shadow work.

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