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“How does a spiritual awakening serve us?

1. To raise your consciousness to higher levels of spiritual understandings.

2. To discover your true soul self, the spirit within and to connect to this self through rising in consciousness.

3. To learn to unconditionally love and accept yourself fully.

4. To learn how to unconditionally love and accept others fully.

5. To discover your soul purpose and life calling.

6. To reclaim any spiritual gifts you have or attributes that were given to you which you can use to live your life fully while effecting the world around you positively.

7. To connect on a spiritual level with the God/Source, the earth, animals and plants.

8. To reclaim that everyone and everything is connected to each other and dissolve the illusion of separation, embracing the unity between every living thing.

9. To open your heart up spiritually and to raise your vibration.

10. To experience life to its fullest in harmony, to align to the heartbeat of the infinite.

As we walk through the veils of illusions with an open heart and mind to the next state of consciousness, it is beautifully simple. The self-realization of our divine connection to all that is and ever has been. Seeing everything and everyone as unique reflections of divinity, embracing light and darkness as pure expressions of Source/God. As we enter this space - fear, hate, jealousy and greed dissolve, giving us a new way of being and feeling. Freeing us from the enslavement of our separation. Reborn into the same world with new eyes.”

— Chantelle Renee

[ Artist: Hou China ]

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