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Zen is slowing right down and deliberately noticing the extra in the ordinary. Fully present in and of the moment with not one thought to resist it. For it is only thought that can resist the moment. Besides one cannot be fully present and in thought at the same time. That would be impossible. One is either in the moment - in reality or they are in thought. There is nothing else.

Thinking and being - two mind states rely on the absence of each other to give definition to themselves. When one is thinking, one is not being in the moment. When one is being in the moment - mindfulness, one is not thinking.

When we are not thinking - while being (another word for meditation) in the moment, we are led by the Spiritual realm as opposed to the mental realm as we are now. Through intuition, serendipity and synchronicity. Through claircognizance.

Thinking still happens but the quality and quantity are quite different. Rather than thinking 90% of the time, 10% is given over to the processing of thought. Thoughts are clearer and fuller - more of an awareness of knowing whatever needs to be known in the moment. What you say, do think or be is given to you in the exact moment you need it.

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