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The following two quotes from the bible are Sri Ramana's two favourite quotes because he said they sum up all essential truths.

"Be still and know that I am" - Psalm 46

This means be mentally still as Present Moment Awareness. Be in the moment without thinking until the mind grows silent and the true Self is revealed. Once the Self is revealed the mind is mastered and suffering ends. Thinking veils the true Self.


"I am that I am" - Exodus 3:7–8, 13–14

I am Spirit/Cause/Eternal Self living through the I am-ness of the mind/body.

Essentially all books, from all Faiths will tell you the same thing - stay in the moment, without taking thought until the mind is so quiet that your true Self as Spirit is revealed. Once you know yourself as Cause, the effect of mind and body instantly come under Grace. Two become One. Life lives itself.

~ Tracy Pierce

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