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The heart aka subconscious must be purified before the conscious mind aka thought can rest within it allowing both minds to hold a meditative state of being that is contusive to being guided spiritually through receiving intuition. This mind state is called Present Moment Awareness.

The emotional body, sometimes referred to as the pain body by Eckhart Tolle lies within the subconscious. Since conception it has developed redundant and often detrimental core beliefs, emotional habit patterns and false beliefs that cause us to rise in thoughts and feelings that continue the pattern of inadvertent and unconscious self-abuse.

We need to make conscious what we have repressed and distracted ourselves from due to the pain of it all. This is so we can heal and be free from having to relive our tortured past that we unconsciously meet every day in the physical world.

The only way we can rest in peace within and as the moment, which in turn allows the mind to be led by our true Self, is to heal what does hinder us

~ Trace

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