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“Healing isn't magical—it's messy, and confusing, and complicated. One day you will wake up full of hope, and the next day, you will feel that you are at your lowest point. Sometimes, you will see how bright a day is, but then after it, you will catch yourself in the midst of emptiness.

Why? Because healing doesn't necessarily mean escaping from the bad happenstances, it isn't a total way-out from worse case scenarios. It's about accepting everything that will come your way—the good and bad, the best and worst, the happy and sad. It's how you face the gloomiest nights way better than before. It's learning how not to rub salt in the wound you still have, and not to make yourself suffer more.

It's embracing that life won't always throw you flowers and sunshines—sometimes it is rocks and hailstorms. But while you have a share of its worst parts, know that you have a share of its best of times, too.”

— Ren Ednalig

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