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I often talk about turning inwards and becoming conscious of all that is unconscious within the subconscious which is our Incarnated Spirit to date. It is a record of our evolution as localized Consciousness remembering its Oneness of Being with One's true Consciousness. There are many different practices and therapies to uncover what does hinder you. Remember you are not trying to become Enlightened because you already are. You are always in all ways the true Self. It is the egoic mind telling you, you are not. Therefore, awakening is not what you do, it is more what you stop doing. It is the falling away of illusion due to the wrong use or immaturity of mind.

The following 6 qualities outline the right use of mind that one must embody to know the true Self as Cause beyond Effect - beyond the mind and body.

Six Virtues of a Spiritual Seeker

These 6 qualities or virtues are not practiced from 1 to 6 or 6 to 1 or in any particular order. Rather they are embodied collectively with each lifetime. In one lifetime you learn all 6 to a small degree. The next lifetime you go deeper with all 6 and so on and so forth. You will find some qualities easier to embody than others depending on your particular vehicle for this lifetime.

Qualifications of a Seeker

We have said how discrimination is the most important qualification to have, i.e., to know the difference between the Self and not-Self. The problem is that we get confused between the Self and the not-Self. In fact, the association of the Atman (the true Self) with the mind makes us think that we are the mind. Whatever the mind thinks, you think you are. This is a big problem, the biggest problem. That is why discrimination is the most important qualification.

1. SAMA – tranquillity

Slow all your movements down. Relax deeply. Move slowly, eat slowly, talk slowly. Make this deliberation a habit. It is a good idea to practice rigorous exercise if possible as it gets rid of excess energy, allowing the mind and body to relax. Learning how to breathe properly is also of great help as well as developing a good posture. Practice loving without expectation or conditions as our emotions are highly responsible for putting us in a state of anxiety that in turn makes us rush.

2. DAMA: Control of the Senses

Deal with the underlining issues of addiction. We must pull our attention away from the sensual pleasure of the outer world in order to experience the bliss of the Inner world.

3. UPARATI: Satiety (turning inward)

Balance, contentedness. This is achieved by purging all that is within the emotional body that causes you pain. Finding contentedness within our own being without the need for sensual pleasure. Starting to find peace within the true Self.

4. TITIKSHA: Endurance

You may not always feel the fruits of your labour - the Inner peace, the calm and control etc but you must persevere. The pains are not real. You are real. Your immortal Self is real. You are blissful in reality.” They are thankful. Therefore, we have to constantly repeat to ourselves the truth, even though our minds scream the untruth. Forbearance means to remember the truth so that you can bear the karma.

5. SHRADDHA: Faith

Comes from right understanding and discernment of what is true and what is false. It is knowing and understanding that there is something or not thing rather bigger than yourself as mind and body in operation and that everything is working out for one's ultimate good and unfoldment. Faith is silent commune with thy true Self, which goes way beyond the intellect and its ability to logically discern.

6. SAMADHANA: Balance with attention.

One of my favourite translations of this word is “balance with attention”. The story is that you practice so you become balanced in order to realize the big Self. If you are imbalanced, it means you are extreme in some way. Then you will fall. Why isn’t good to be extreme? To be extreme in something will have an opposite effect. You will fall where you were strong. Balance means you are good in everything and are keeping an eye on the goal of Self Realization all the time.

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