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The ego is a mind and body not aware of itself Spiritually. It is effect not aware of itself as Cause. Because of this ignorance we live from the mental realm of duality and limitation, rather than the Spiritual realm of love and oneness - unlimited, unfettered and free.

The mental realm is for thinkers. Thinking - the thinking mind which is what typifies the ego, distorts, delays, destroys and disturbs the natural flow of Spirit coming through the mind and out into the physical world to create our perfect life.

Imagine the mind is a window covered in dust (Thoughts) and the true Self, the Sun. The light as it moves through the window is inhibited by that dust, distorting the light as it moves through it.

The being mind - the meditative mind reveals the life created by Spirit as Cause by being still. By keeping the window clear of dust aka thoughts.

You do not have to create life by thinking thinking thinking - hustling and manipulating. You just have to let it happen by relaxing into and loving the moment which is actually your very own Soul. Heal the moment by loving it. Heal it by letting it be. Be yourself as the moment. You are not in the moment - you are the moment itself. You do not have a life. You are life. Cause and effect aligned without the thinking mind getting in the way.

Be here now and let yourself as Cause be your Effect.

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