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Stop for one minute and observe yourself in the moment. Feel what it feels like to 'be present'. Feel your presence - hear the sounds of the moment, feel the breeze and the ambiance, taste the festive season in all her glorious treats, see the colours and the movements of life. Observe yourself observing. Feel your presence again. Feel yourself observing. Observe yourself feeling. Can you feel your own presence? This is what deepens and expands when you practice mindfulness and meditation. This very I am-ness of yours, this very presence you just acknowledged is what gets more and more present and real and deep - and beyond words.

This presence realizes its own body of Awareness when it stops being present in its thoughts which are a dream. We first become present within and as the subconscious Awareness that is the vessel for your Awareness as the Incarnate Soul, which in turn is a vessel for the Awareness of the true and eternal Soul. Awareness IS Soul. All constitute deeper and deeper levels of the Present Moment. The Soul and the Present Moment are synonymous. This is why all sages tell you to be as Presence (thought or Conscious mind), present in the moment. It is your own Soul. This is what you want to give life to and will if you stay present in it. If you are present in your own thoughts, that is what will be made physical. That is not what you want. You do not want to manifest something from the mind but from Spirit.

I Spirit Am Soul is the true I am - the true Self. It is Cause. However, our full name is I am that I am - meaning I am also effect. I am this avatar and that avatar - I am one of many avatars, however, never make the mistake of identifying as the avatar, always know Thy true Self as I am. As Cause.

This is experienced by being in the moment outside of thinking. Our attention is our Presence, and our Presence needs to be in Awareness, not our thoughts for they are not real. Only thoughts give intuitively are to be given our attention. They came as Awareness which is the essence of knowing

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