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Until you are self-realized you are for the most part, blind. Being unrealized is akin to being a paraplegic in which the mind is cut off from the body so to speak. The mind is seemingly cut off from its true and eternal Self as Spirit, therefore, has no spiritual vision to guide it or understand why one is going through what they are going through.

The death of the ego is never an easy thing. It will hurt, the more we resist letting go of the illusion. but like childbirth, it is worth it in the end.

Moreover, no matter what happens to the mind and body, no matter what happens in this dream, it does not affect your true Sefl as Spirit, anymore than a nightmare or dream affects you when you wake up.

Where are here to become lucid dreamers - we are here to make our dreams come true as the true Self, not the egoic self. We are here to enjoy the creation we are.

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