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LOL when I came across this meme I laughed. So long and so hard its now 2022. I've changed the date twice. To me this meme was ironically comical. Because it's true. We are all having such an impact on each other through social media.

I can speak to someone (and have) from Korea, China, Sweden, New Zealand, Russia and America all in the space of a few hours. Most people would never have imagined that 30 years ago. Other people in other countries were a 'far away 'concept. Now you can talk to them all day long if you want. As an individual or as a whole. Both. Get their point of view on anything, I can directly - experientially have a world view that, with a bit of luck and skill lol, I can intelligently discern and make wise decisions.

I have an opportunity to know what the whole is thinking and being, while impacting it myself.

Social media gives 'the whole' (collective voice) a platform, where the many can truly be one. This transparent, honest voice for the whole is important.

Memes are mean! LOL...Because at a glance you can convey so much in so little space and time - directly into the world like a vein hitting the main artery. You can feel the Oneness, can't you? Well, I can. The world is waking up, because we are opening up. Like a lotus. It's exciting times

Post a meme somewhere, that will either wake the world up or crack up. Be the reason for someone's smile.

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