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We must keep out (I) thought/conscious mind, with our (Am) heart/subconscious, until the subconscious has been healed from the damage of being subject to an egoic state.

The egoic mind state happens when the mind aka thought, rolls out of the heart aka subconscious like a wave does the sea. We must be like a still late and create no waves (create no thought).

Once the I & Am are once again working together harmoniously, the mind becomes the Temple where one's true I am, experienced as the Holy Ghost aka Intuition, abides.

In this manner the I am of Spirit merges with the I am of mind, raising it up in order to bless the world with Thy Presence.

I am that I am is the true name and nature of all beings when the false falls away.

Be mentally still (meditation/mindfulness) and know that I AM

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