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I have literally felt, seen this lifeforce. It runs through the heart of everything in everyone, from everyone, from everything.

When I was a child I called it a river. I told my mother when I was 4 years old that there was a river in my head. She didn't understand what I meant of course but she went with it lol.

I felt the flow then and knew I was guided by it, so long as I remembered to bathe in it. To wipe the dust off my feet so to speak, which means not to let repressed emotions defile one's subconscious Temple.

As happens, life happened and I would forget more often than not to swim in the waters of the Soul. I only remembered when I was in pain or unsure and sought guidance.

Naturally, I as ego, led myself astray so badly that I ended up completely surrendering to the moment due to the amount of suffering I could no longer endure. As it happened, I stood sentry at the door of my mind, allowing no thought to rise, nor did I follow after any thought least I disturb the peace of the still waters I bathed in.

Through suffering the mind, I came home to Thy Self.

"Into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my Soul" - Rumi

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