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Core beliefs we made under the age of 5 that no longer serve it or were put there under false pretences, habits and respressed emotions all live with the unconscious subconscious, causing a low level hum of discontent, disturbing our sleep and our peace unconsciously while awake.

The only way to deal with this low level hum of disconnect and fear is to bring it into the open. This means sitting with yourself for half an hour ever day with no distractions - just watching your thoughts and feelings, until they start to reveal themselves. When they do, never just them or try to figure them out during your half our session of free association with yourself. Otherwise they will not come forward. Just let them out and watch them. When the session is over and you go about your day you can ponder them with love and compassion - and it must be love and compassion for if they are not divinely discerned in this manner, they will not be able to be healed and let go of.

This is a type of meditation but is not meditation as you are not focusing the mind on its source but on your subconscious aka Temple which you are preparing for the Lord aka True Self. This Temple must be at peace before the Prince of Peace visits.

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