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Eventually the thinking mind must cease so that Spirit can live and flow through the Being mind - the meditative mind. So start slowing it down, start decluttering it. This is done by slowing down everything you do, from walking, talking, eating etc. It is also done by decluttering and organising everything around you. Start the process today. Find one corner of the house, garage and/or work station and declutter it. Organize it. This gets you ready for being in the moment. Most people cannot be in the moment because they cannot stop themselves from all the things they feel they have to do - they are that overwhelmed. So decluttering and organising is the first step mindfulness and meditation.

Start NOW - today. One tiny corner leads to another and another - then 4-5 or 6 weeks have gone by and you are almost there. The freedom from this practice is empowering. It has a snowball effect.

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