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A good reminder:

Remember if you are suffering depression it is because you are holding the past in your mind. If you are suffering anxiety it is because you are conjuring up a future that does not exist and holding it in your mind. By holding both in your mind - by giving then your attention, you are allowing the possibility for both to manifest in your reality for what is held in mind is held in the hand the next day so to speak.

My advice - hold nothing in mind. Let life work itself out. It knows what it is doing a lot more than you do. This may feel like giving the reigns up, but that is because you do not know your true Self that IS life.

Trust your Spirit, not your mind that is cut off from itself spiritually. It will lead you astray. Be still mentallly and know that I AM. The being mind reveals yourself as Spirit. The thinking mind veils it.

Live in the reality of Now. Everything else is an illusion.

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