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The way to become truly rich is to want nothing. Wanting nothing means this world no longer has a hold on you. No one can take away your happiness - your peace of mind. Peace can only be peace if it is eternal. If there is a slight concern peace will be taken away, then that is not peace.

You bring peace as your presence that is eternal.

This is why we realize the Self. So that we are at peace no matter our level of consciousness, or whether we have form or not.

Life is not at the mercy of matter - Joel Goldsmith.

If you depend on anything in this world for happiness, it will exploit you. Particularly at this point in our evolution.

Abide in your own presence, outside the matrix where thought cannot find you. Abide in your temple as the loving witness that never judges while guided from the highest aspect of your Being.

The ego is identification with form and the true Self is experiential identification as Spirit which is formless. Know yourself as Spirit and want for nothing.

Once you know yourself as Cause you will worry less about what happens to you as effect.

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