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Mind IS thought, so clearly, we cannot give up mind, for without mind we could not be in the world. The mind is the bridge between the physical and the Spiritual. Thought is the Conscious Mind aka Inner I. What Maharaj is actually saying is to give up thinking. Not thought - not mind. In other words, we must change how the mind is used. Do not look for liberation with the thinking mind as it was the thinking mind that enslaved you. Go past thoughts and feelings to the Awareness beyond. Be conscious of yourself as Awareness. In doing so you will eventually realize your true Consciousness as Spirit behind this Awareness which is multidimensional differentiation of the Soul. Hold your focus there. Spirit will master the mind for Mind cannot master itself, as much as people would like to believe it can and does.

Your Conscious Mind aka thought is not your true and eternal Consciousness. This Consciousness that you call 'I am' is a temporary Consciousness - a Temple for one's true Consciousness to abide in. The only way to realize your true Consciousness is through Awareness aka Soul. Differentiations of the Soul are the subconscious, which is a vessel for the Incarnate Soul, as well as the Present Moment which is the totality of all Subconscious Minds. The only way to realize the Soul which is the Present Moment is to stay outside of thinking. One cannot be present in the moment and their thoughts at the same time. One must - as Consciousness - choose which one is to give life to by virtue of being Present in it. Either one is giving life to their thoughts, that they conjured up themselves or they are giving life to Spirit being Soul in the present moment.

The reason we misused the mind in the first place is because we, as Mind Consciousness, have identified with it. We have identified with Vessel or Mind Consciousness - assuming it is Cause or the true Self. It is not. Like the body it is an Effect (temporary - Temple) of Cause, so too is the Mind. Spirit Consciousness is Cause while Mind and Body are Effect. The Mind taking charge as Cause is like the body trying to live life without the Mind. In order to fix this misidentification all we have to do is reidentify and realize ourselves as with Spirit and the problem is over. Once the Mind recognizes it's Master it naturally assumes a meditative state that serves Spirit like the body serves the Mind. However, as we have all discovered, it is not as simple as that. It is in principle but not in practice. The practice will be experienced as difficult for most. The death of the ego is not easy nor is it generally pretty.

The true Self is veiled by thoughts and emotions conjured up by Mind Consciousness - not Spiritual Consciousness. Therefore, these thoughts and their subsequent emotions aka false images must cease before our true Self behind them is revealed. When our Consciousness of Mind - which is our Presence of Being, is tied up in its own thoughts, emotions, and their physical manifestations, it is not present in its Temple of Awareness - its own Soul which is as stated earlier, the Present Moment. Put another way, this means our Consciousness of Mind is absent when the Holy Ghost (Intuition) descends into the Subconscious/Present Moment where the Conscious Mind/thought should be abiding ready for tuition. Generally, however, it is not as we can all attest too. It is instead dwelling in the thoughts, feelings and manifestations generated by its own Consciousness - giving life to these false images rather than the true images given in the Temple intuitively.

The meditative mind teaches you to see beyond your thoughts and feelings which collectively create the delusion of a personal 'self'. Once these personal false images stop and you are in the still silent expanse of the Temple, you become conscious of for the first time the light of your true Self - your true Consciousness (I) being Awareness (Am).

Thought or mind, which is the same thing, expands and deepens when it is kept still and single, rather than being allowed to rise into a stream of mental thoughts. To use an analogy, I have used before, imagine you are on a stool in the middle of a dark warehouse with only one light above you. What you can see is limited, therefore, your understanding of reality is. One by one lights are lit up around you, expanding outwards until the whole warehouse is seen, expanding your understanding of reality - your own existence. This is how the mind expands, going deeper and deeper within itself, discovering what was always there but heretofore, was unconscious of. The mind is not capable of expanding into these realms while present in its own thoughts, emotions and their manifestations. While present in thought one is always absent in the moment - their very Temple of Being. The Spiritual aspirant must stay present in a state of Being NOW. This is the only way for the mind to go beyond its present state of mind. A being state, which is another word for meditation, automatically comes about once thinking ceases, as being is our natural State of Self. It happens by default. One does not try to meditate. One ceases thinking and meditation happens naturally. Thinking is of the mental realm which by virtue of its very nature lives outside of the present moment.

It is plain to see that in order for our true Self to be revealed we must first use the mind correctly, which is keeping the mind single, still and present within Soul being Spirit multidimensionally. This means being Conscious of being Awareness or staying as deeply present in the moment as possible.

For to us (Spirit/Soul) a child is born, to us (Us being I and Am - male and female or Father and Mother - Consciousness and Awareness) a son (Conscious mind) is given; and the government shall be upon his shoulder, (This means that one is governed by Spirit Consciousness rather than Mind Consciousness). Isaiah 9:6

At the end of the day when all is said and done, you are not truly IN the moment, your body is the moment, and your true Mind is Spiritual Consciousness.

~ Tracy Pierce

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