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A lot of men - and women - are afraid to meet their Soul never mind the mother of all Souls - the eternal body of Spirit - the true I AM. Feminine energy scares them. They feel as if they are going to drown in her depths and they are right - they most certainly will. But they are meant too. One must die of the flesh to be borne again of Spirit.

We must as the Conscious Mind, (Ironically the only unconscious aspect of our being), become conscious of our own Soul Aka Subconscious. The Soul is also often referred to as Awareness. Meeting the human Soul entails facing all our demons while laying them to rest - and some. This means giving up everything that distracts ourselves from ourselves such as drinking, gambling, gaming, daydreaming, etc.

Meditation and mindfulness speed up the process of healing and tempering the Human Soul Aka Temple Aka Subconscious, so that the Conscious Mind (that which we use to think with) can rest in peace (RIP) within it. Here the Conscious Mind (I) marries the Subconscious Mind (Am) which forms the perfect channel or Temple for Spirit to abide in and as, going before thee to make all the crooked straight, living our life for us as us. We - as experienced by mind - are just the witness (Effortless Awareness) to our true Self that we fully identify with, unfolding in the physical. So even though I live, yet not I. Even though I am in the world as the Omega (The I am of form) I am not of it as the Formless Alpha.

Once the Conscious (I) and Subconscious (Am) Mind are resting in the proverbial peace that passes all understanding (meaning not of Mind), the Mother of all Souls is revealed, which of course is Thy true Soul that abides in the Life-giving Light of Spirit. Here mind body and soul are aligned within and as Spirit. This is Grace - this is life living itself.

Really after waxing lyrical is all said and done, what realization is, is simply waking up in the dream. It is becoming a lucid dreamer through concentrating one's I am Consciousness of Mind in and as the Present Moment, until it deepens into the Soul in realization of the Self. Stare into the abyss long enough and the illusion collapses. Careful though, maya reasserts itself real quick if you don't keep an I on it. At least until you have been established in the Self which I know nothing about yet, so cannot write about it.

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