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The conscious mind must be held in a state of being or awareness, rather than being present in its own consciousness as thought. This is best defined and achieved by the absence of 'thinking'. Not the absence of thought for thought single is the true Inner I. You cannot be present in the world without it. It is your 'sense' of existence. Consciousness is the breath and light of life.

While the ones consciousness is held single in the Awareness of the Soul aka Now, consciousness gives life and illuminates its own awareness - its own Soul, rather than its own thoughts about what life aka Soul or Now is.

Through the conscious mind being present in its own awareness subconsciously, redundant emotional patterns that linger in the emotional body are brought to light, healed, and then released. This is the first step in meditation and Self Realization. Healing the emotional body from this egoic incarnation is important if the mind is to attain the peace that attracts it's like: The Prince of Peace. (One's Spirit being Soul).

As consciousness continues to expand in awareness and awareness in consciousness, more of our being is revealed as we become conscious of and give life to our Souls intentions, learning our purpose for being while merging with Spirit to become one again. I Consciousness AM Awareness. I am self-aware.

The healing of the fractured mind, both consciously and subconsciously makes ready the temple in that it creates a perfect channel for the Soul being Spirit to guide us through the Holy Spirit aka Intuition/instinct which descends through the open Inner I (Conscious mind aka thought) that is kept single and as one within the Soul or Awareness of the Self and the Moment. Bear in mind that the subconscious, the Soul, and the present moment are really one and the same thing. The only difference between the true Soul and the Incarnate Soul is our level of Consciousness in relation to our Awareness.

This is the Buddha mind that lives from the inside out, whose mind is one pointed and focused while in the perfect peace of NOW. The Buddha mind, the Christ mind or the Zen mind lives by faith alone. Faith is spiritual insight that is intuited by the higher mind that lives in the Soul being Spirit or the I AM. Faith is otherwise known as "Knowing" that the conscious mind in turn transmutes into knowledge via the thinking or lower mind, which in turn impregnates the subconscious (The only part of Soul the conscious mind has a consciousness of) which in turn births the divine idea into the physical.

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