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When you are in love is it not enough just to be in your lover's presence? Do you seek anything else besides? No, you seek only to love and be loved in an endless moment of unity.

This is how you must come to be in the moment - with this level of love.

So, love moment as you would your lover with the same unconditional devotion, the same commitment. With all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.' This behaviour is aka as meditation, and this is the level of commitment you need to stay present.

One learns to love the moment in the same way one learns to love anything - they become familiar with it - until it feels like family. Consistently staying in the moment through being made aware is key. Awareness is everything and not something you as mind can control. All you can do is merge with it as the being mind.

The thinking mind offers up such a compelling illusion that it literally takes years for one to comprehend what is meant by being in the moment without thinking. Enlightenment will never be realized by the caravan of thought; therefore, one cannot seek the truth with the thinking mind. All one can do is develop the being mind and wait for the butterfly to land on our shoulder.

Also not seek the Truth of your Being for all the added things - to make your little egoic life a little easier, a little better, for you would not do this to your lover, so why would you do this to your true Self? Would you love your lover with the conditions and expectations you put on the present moment? No you wouldn't. You love them for who they are NOW.

Seek Love (your true Self) for Loves sake only & the added things will come for "love is loves reward" - John Dryden. "But love me for love's sake, that evermore Thou mayst love on, through love's eternity." ~ Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Note also, as Rumi says, the depths of your Being (your True Self) will never be known by knowledge, for knowledge lives only as the illusion of a past created by the illusion of the egoic mind, which must, one day pass away, just as the earth will one day pass away. Instead allow your true Self to act upon the mind with 'knowing' (faith). A knowing that lives only in the moment for all eternity. You will simply 'know' what to do, say or be in the moment. You will know because you are aligned with your Soul being Spirit which is of course omniscient - all knowing.

There is a difference between knowledge and knowing as there is a difference between thinking and Being. Deeply understand and savour that difference. Thinking is born of the mental realm with no knowledge of Spirit while Being is born of the Spiritual realm and has dominion over all beings and non-beings

When your body and mind pass away, the only thing left is your capacity to love for love is Soul and the Soul is the body of Spirit. And Spirit is the Cause of all effect. Spirit is one life living itself, irrespective of how much we differentiate it.

~ Tracy Pierce

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