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Let go of the illusion it could have been any different. Let go of these thoughts that bring you nothing but suffering. All thoughts, whether they are good or bad. The mind is not your friend even if it seems like it. Besides this friend is imaginary. Thoughts are not real. Yet you emotionally react and respond to them day in and day out as if they were, putting your body through unnecessary stress and anxiety. You don't have to put yourself through the turmoil of what if or why not. Everything happened the way it was meant to happen in order than you might expand in Consciousness. This is the purpose of your life - to gain in spiritual vision.

Unfortunately, that vision comes at the cost of suffering. So no, there were no accidents - no mistakes - it all happened as the three fates (Raja's) commanded it.

Your choices are narrow. Either stop resisting Life itself and surrender the thinking mind for the Being Mind, thereby serving your true Self & purpose as you were fated to do or alternatively, you can continue to live by a mind unconscious of itself as Spirit (True Self) and see if you can by your own uninspired creation of thought Aka false images (True Images come from Spirit) superimpose your idea for Life onto of Life and see where that gets you. The path of Ego is also fated. Generally, the suffering along this path is so bad it is only a matter of time - sometimes lifetimes before, we stop resisting the true flow of Life as an Ego intent on living apart from Life rather than as a part of it.

Deal with life as it is, not as it was, should have been or could have been. Be in the moment now, with no expectations or conditions of this moment, based on certain preferences regarding personal likes or dislikes. Memories and thoughts about tomorrow generally have very little to do with now. Why give your attention to what has or could happen over what IS actually happening? Is not the best way to deal with the future, by functioning efficiently in the moment, with one's full attention? Is that not the best and most effective way to live under ALL circumstances?

Thoughts about yesterday bring nothing but regret or remorse, while distracting you from this moment. Thoughts about tomorrow bring nothing but conditions, expectations and anxiety while distracting you from this moment. All these thoughts you hold within mind filter the purity of Light flowing through you from your true Self. Light filled with all you need to create your best life. But unfortunately, you are not conscious of this true Self of yours, so you inadvertently work against it with your own ideas that also have their fate.

Until you know your true Self in and of Spirit, you will continually resist your true purpose and best Life.

If you do not like the here and now, how can you change it, but you cannot if you are not present in it. How can you deal with reality when you are not present in reality. When you are literally absent in The Now while present in illusion? Your true Self lives in the Now of Reality -not in your daydreams.

The only power you have is now. The only way to deal with the future is to stay present in this moment. Fully present while listening for intuitive guidance from Thy True Self that is always ready to guide you once you stop resisting it with your thinking mind that ignorantly thinks it knows best.

~ Love Tracy

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