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The metaphorical journey to one's truth means going inwards, not out there, into the world. It is "Being" "Consciously Aware". It is bringing as much Presence (Consciousness) to the moment as you can. Remember The Moment is differentiations of the Soul itself. This is what we as the Conscious mind, wants to give life too. Not our own disconnected and delusional thoughts.

Self-Realization is giving life to Soul (Am) being Spirit (I) - our true Self, in the physical rather than egoic idealizations and thoughts created by a mind that does not know its true and eternal Self.

Self-realization is in a state of being, not thinking. You cannot think in love, you can only be in love. You cannot think your truth, you must be your truth. You are a human being. Not a human thinking. There is a huge difference between the two states of mind. One is always present in the moment and the other is always present in thinking. The Present moment is where the true Self is realized. Thinking is the veil.

That is not to say that thinking does not have its place at this point in our evolution. Of course, it does. We must process this 'Intuitive knowing' into knowledge, which creates a blueprint for the subconscious to use in the manifestation of the physical. However, and this is a significant 'however' - thinking should occupy the mind only 5-10% of the time, while Intuitive knowing (not knowledge) must constitute the other 90 - 95% of our minds output. Therefore, the mind is predominately held in an intuitive quiescent state of being that is always open to instruction from on high while living in the Awareness of Self aka the moment. In this manner the mind is held in peace which of course translates to more efficient and clearer 'thinking' that is one with the whole.

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift - Albert Einstein

As soon as you stop thinking you start being. As soon as you start being you stop thinking. Can you see the difference between the two states of mind? Can you see how the definition of both states rely on the absence of one another? Thinking is the resistance to being - to the present moment.

Thinking will pull the attention of your conscious mind, which gives life to whatever it becomes conscious of, away from the moment and into false thoughts conjured up by the ego. You don't want this to happen. You want your attention - your Conscious mind (I) to stay in the moment, where your subconscious, Incarnate Soul and Soul is for it is only through the Soul that you will realize your true Consciousness as Spirit. This is why it is imperative you stay in the moment and outside of thinking.

As Papaji has often stated, "Whatever comes, let it come. Whatever goes let it go. Whatever stays, let it stay". In other words, let life happens without resisting it with your thoughts. Let the moment be what it is, without trying to manipulate it this way and that, as if you - an ego that is cut off from your Source, knows better than the moment itself which IS differentiations of the Soul directed by your true Consciousness as Spirit. If your mind is quiet and still enough, direction will come to you intuitively that will put you in sync with the moment itself.

Being is the death of 'ego' seeing that ego is composed of a collection of thoughts only. The false self can only exist while thoughts about it do. A thinking mind is personal and always sits IN the moment. A being mind is impersonal and IS the moment.

Be prepared for a battle for the ego will resist its death. The egoic mind must be reasoned into surrendering its life for a higher purpose - a higher Cause. The mind has to be in on its own awakening therefore, gaining the right understanding of surrendering your life for Thy Life, is a prerequisite to almost everything else. In time it will heed the call of its heart, of it's true Soul that lives within the One Soul. All you have to do is let it be. Let it happen by staying as present in the moment as possible. Life - one's true Self will trump the false self, the ego in its own good time. The most we can do is let it happen by not resisting it with thoughts.

Let your mind slow down and settle into a quiet stillness by keeping your focus in the Present Moment with any attempt to change or judge it. Be a witness that does not judge. Be open to intuition however it arrives. It is different for everyone. If you are truly witnessing without being distracted by thought, you will notice it. You will also notice a synchronicity of the moment that you will become a part of. Once you are no longer resisting the moment with self-created thoughts, you will fall into the current of life, rather than swimming against it.

You will of course, even when realized notice thoughts floating around the ether, coming into your consciousness like a fly landing on your teacup. These are thoughts created by billions of Conscious Minds that have not yet gained a mental stillness like you have. Remember you are part of a hive mind, so this is natural. Your quiet mind, however, will attract the quieter and more loving thoughts, so it should not be too much of a problem. However, even these thoughts should be treated like a stranger passing you by. Let them go without giving them your attention unless you feel intuitively compelled too. Always listen to your Inner Guru until you are the Inner Guru. Always go with the moment until you are the moment.

In the process of realization just deal with the moment as best you can as when it arrives. Let your Conscious mind, expand into the heart of your subconscious Awareness, where your emotional aka pain body lies awaiting healing. After purifying the mind, the Conscious (I) and Subconscious (Am) minds work together as one in a cognitive emotional peace that channels and opens up to the Soul of all Souls, whose purity of love consumes all that is left of you.

When realization of the Self comes, you are no longer in the moment, rather you know yourself as the moment itself. You no longer have a life, rather you know yourself as Life, whether you are breathing or not, whether you have form or not. Now you will be able to say I am the way, the truth, and the Life. You are the Unmanifest Spirit living through a manifest avatar, rather than a mind and body scared to death of dying without having ever really lived.

~ Tracy Pierce

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