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Spirit works for us in proportion to our mental stillness. The more still the Mind, the more chance Mental and Spiritual Consciousness merge or align as One. So long as there is a personal sense of self, one cannot embrace the impersonal Presence of Spirit/Consciousness. So long as the Inner I is rising in its own thought creations, it cannot be used as a channel for the Spiritual realm.

One must slow the mind down so that our true Consciousness - our true intelligence as Spirit can do our thinking and feeling for and through us as mind. This means being completely focused (Conscious or present) on Soul (Awareness) with all our heart (Reincarnated Soul) body and Soul (True Soul) rather than our thoughts and their manifestations in the physical world. In other words, our consciousness must be completely freed from egoic thoughts and feelings in order to realize - become conscious of the true Self. If your attention is captured by thoughts that you, yourself created as Mind Consciousness, your attention, therefore your very presence (The VERY door itself) will not be in your Temple. If you are not in your Temple as 'Present Moment Awareness, you will be incapable of becoming conscious of yourself as Spirit. You will not be able to be guided by Spirit nor receive the gifts of Spirit.

If someone said to you, wait in this room for someone to come in give you the truth about something, you would keep your presence in that room, wouldn't you? You would stay until you got the truth. Your attention is your Presence. Wherever your attention goes, so does your Presence. If your attention leaves the Awareness of the Present Moment, then you have left your Temple. You are no attending or present in it to receive or become conscious of anything. If your Presence is in thoughts of ANY kind, you are outside the Temple. If you attention goes to something else - say your thoughts, or an outward object of any kind, you are no longer in your Temple to receive the Holy Ghost Aka Intuition. You are in the 'things of the world' and thoughts are things.

Instead of giving life to your true Self that lives in and of the Present Moment, you are giving life to your Ego - your thoughts, rather than the gifts of Spirit. As Mind Consciousness, you give life to whatever you give your attention too - whatever you behold consciously within yourself as true. If you are not in reality which is the Present moment and can ONLY be the present moment, then you are giving life to maya. Anything outside the reality of the Present Moment is Maya -Mind - not real. Memories are not real, imagination is not real, nothing the mind conjures is real because ALL Mind is, is a mental image, yet most of us spend our lives in these mental images as if they were real. How many of us are actually present in the moment for more than 2 seconds at a time spasmodically throughout the day? Very few. Until you have realized the true Self beyond the Personal. Until you know thy Self Impersonally, you should not trust mind.

Heaven is an absolute and eternal state of consciousness that is uninterrupted by maya. Uninterrupted by the many different states of consciousness depicted within and as our seven realms of being Life.

We lose consciousness the minute we enter differentiation of form, which is fundamental aspects of the Mind, of Omega. The Mind through differentiation contains, which limits. If you identify with this Consciousness rather than the Consciousness beyond Present Moment Awareness, then you will live in Maya forever.

Consciousness must stay as undifferentiated Awareness to maintain its integrity and power. Therefore, we must stay conscious of being awareness least we limit ourselves to form such as thoughts and feelings that have their being in time and space (Mentalism).

~ Tracy Pierce

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