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How does one knock? How does one seek the truth of their being and where?

One knocks by being mentally still which means keeping thine I (conscious mind or Inner I) single while intuitively receptive (Open hearted) as you move within the moment fully present multi-dimensionally: present in your own I am-ness that is the moment.

The present moment is always in all ways recommended, as one cannot be in the moment while creating or dwelling in thought. If one is thinking, then one is no longer in the moment. If one is being in the moment, one is no longer thinking. Note also, the awareness of the present moment and your own awareness is one and the same thing. Understand also that the minute thinking ends being because as 'being' is our default setting. We are after all human beings, not human thinkings. Being is another word for meditation. Awareness is the essence of meditation. Meditation is being aware in the moment without judging it.

Without taking any thought whatsoever you will know what to do and what to say when the right time is upon you. This is living by Faith which is the result of Awareness. Faith is 'knowing'. Not 'believing', which is of the mental realm but knowing. Knowing is of the Spiritual Realm. Knowing and Faith are the same thing. When you are fully aware, you know, so what is there to think about?

This is how we will all communicate in a few hundreds of years from now. It will be telepathic. Due to being the Awareness of the One in all and all in the One, everyone will be aware of the One's true intentions, not thoughts, which are always personal, but intention. However, that is not pertinent to today's people who must stay out of thought in order to know themselves as Awareness aka Soul. Soul being the formless body of Spirit.

Simply relax, knowing you will KNOW how to live without following after thought and its many judgments, as your true Self is Omniscient which means all-knowing. This being the case Spirit will give you (as mind) a sense of knowing what to think, be, say or do in the moment. It cannot give it to you in the future or the past for they are mental concepts and mental concepts are not real. In order to be and stay real one must stay out of the illusionary thoughts one creates and abide instead in the Awareness of one's being that is always in all ways found in and AS the present moment.

I promise you, when you abide in the truth of your being, life will come alive again like when you were a child. Everything will seem brighter and more exciting. Life will feel alive again - vibrant and almost magical. Like waking up in a dream and either being relieved or excited that it is one.

~ Tracy Pierce

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