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Two sides of One coin.

If your true Self as the Alpha is omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent, then as the Omega, you must be eternally morphing into an infinite amount of forms - forever and ever amen.

The thinking mind has its time, its hour upon the stage, however, that times is coming to an end. Being is the new thinking.

Before anything can come into being in the mental or the physical it must first exist as a reality in the Spiritual. That which is manifest always in all ways originates from the Unmanifest - which to the ignorance of the Omega is nothing, however we know as Metaphysicians, the Unmanifest is everything.

We know Spiritually - the Unmanifest - our true Self as the Alpha is omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent, reality of our Being that never changes and always IS. Therefore, so is the Omega - even though it is in the process of realizing this and always will be. The Omega constantly evolves due to the omniscience of being the Alpha. The Omega eternally forms an infinite number of what is true as the Alpha. These forms, originating from infinity are never ending so the Omega is always in all ways in a state of 'becoming.' Not so the Alpha, which is not limited to any form, therefore, is changeless, limitless and infinite.

The first DNA/RNA ever to come into being regarding the Omega (Effect/Manifest) originated from and as the Alpha (Cause/Unmanifest). Trace any 'thing' back to its roots and you will watch the visible disappear into the invisible from whence it came. The Cause will be hidden from the last effect you see. Of course, this line of 'seen and unseen' always moves, however it is also, always there. Always in all ways. Cause and Effect are immutable and One. Therefore, what springs from the seed of the Omega, will be the Alpha - that which already is. Just like an apple tree bears apples.

So contrarily, we are we are remembering what we already are.

The Universe does have memory - an impersonal collective memory as the universe IS mind, however at this point in our evolution, we are in the Egoic Mindset which uses memory to evolve and/or remember. This is a slow and painful way to go however, clearly it was and still is a necessary part of our development in becoming as the Omega what we are as the Alpha.

Personal memory that is left behind to create new ideas via the plasticity of mind, which is the ability to organize said memories into new ideas is also something a computer can do - so long as it is programmed to do so. Don't be too impressed by it. Every thought you have, was given to you, before you were even conscious of it. In fact, truth be told, the Conscious Mind is always the last to know. For example, because of the time it takes light to travel between you and I - I am not seeing you as you are now, I am seeing you as you were (albeit such a small time ago that it is irrelevant, however the principle is not. It is the same with thoughts. It takes time for awareness to go from point A (Right mind) to the point B (Left mind) so what you are conscious of is always only the past.

The only way to be current and contemporary (lol) is to always be Now, which equates to being outside of 'thinking' or a mind that is NOT still. In this way you have access to your true Consciousness or rather it has access to you, allowing it to guide and inspire you. Your true Consciousness cannot guide you if you are not present in the moment as both the Moment (Am) and the Presence of it (I) #Present Moment Awareness.

No-mind meaning a still mind that is not caught up and identified as Mind, is always 'Now'. (Now is the absence of time). It is reality. Reality is no-mind as in no 'Thinking Mind. No personal Mind. One must know themselves and identify as the Impersonal before claiming a personal self that is merely an avatar just like in the movie Avatar. The movie avatar is not just a sci fi movie. It's reality soon to happen. It is only a matter of time before we project our consciousness into an avatar - an AI avatar that gives us sensory perception. How do I know this? Because we are doing it now. As above so below.

It does not matter if memories are either personal or impersonal for, they are always in all ways maya. There is no reality except NOW - this moment.

You do not want to live by memory but by intuition and the synchronicity of the moment, for memory is personal and personal memory is not reliable. Therefore, collective memory is also not reliable. History will attest to this, particularly the way history - often our worst history repeats itself. You want to live in the moment which dictates your next move. The Moment being your Soul and your Soul the activity of your true Consciousness as Spirit.

Everything the Omega becomes; the Alpha already is. The Alpha is omniscient so the Omega will be forever and ever evolving or becoming that which it already is and knows.

So even though, as the Omega, you appear to be learning from memory, you are not. You are actually pre-programmed just like a computer to say and do the things you do. Nothing is by accident. Everyone's DNA/RNA comes from the same 'One' so everything harmonizes. Everything is by design. Even Chaos. Everything has DNA/RNA to ensure differentiation Aka mind. Life now - in our contemporary times, is about developing a solid WI-FI connection that we were pre-programmed to create.

You as the true Self - the Alpha - the unformed, have projected or reflected yourself into the Omega - form. This limitation of Consciousness has you forgetting all that you really are, therefore, you have identified with the form you have projected your consciousness in. Over time this consciousness is being molded by the laws of your own Beingness as the Alpha to ensure you wake up - to ensure, balance and harmony is restored. One evolves through karma, into a reflection of the seed planted when you as the Alpha projected yourself into the Omega

In summary and in principle, you do not want to live by either personal or collective memory unless you want to repeat history. You do not want to live by the tree of knowledge that takes thought. You want to be Present Moment Awareness that is given thought, so as to flow with life AS Life, rather than resisting it as an individual that feels apart from life rather than a part of it.

If there is no such thing as time and it is, like space, an illusion of mind, then everything that has or can happen is happening now - which negates evolution as that which is omniscient has no need to evolve, even if to the appearance (Omega) is it appearing as, it is. And it does.

Remember we are the micro of the macro. If we are not meant to live by memory personally, then neither is the universe impersonally. If we were creatures of chaos without an intelligent design, then we would not have DNA/RNA. We do and that says it all. IMO the past and the future meet as One in our DNA/RNA.

Does the Universe have a memory?

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