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When the Conscious Mind aka one's 'Inner I' or 'Presence of Being', is resting in and as Present (I- Conscious Mind) Moment Awareness (Am - Soul), by ceasing the creation of thought, it is able, as Vessel Consciousness, to expand into a multidimensional Awareness that constitutes the One Soul - the Now. Behind the One Soul is one's true and eternal Consciousness or intelligence that cannot fill the Conscious mind aka thought, until the Conscious mind is resting in its heart aka Subconscious. Together they form Present (I) Moment Awareness (Am).

The Soul is known multidimensionally at different levels of being. Soul aka Awareness constitutes the Awareness of the Present Moment which is the Subconscious/Incarnate Soul, that in turn is a vessel for the One True and Eternal Soul that is the Soul of all being and non-Being. The eternal Soul is the body or activity of Consciousness aka Spirit. I Spirit Am Soul or put another way I Consciousness Am Awareness. I Am. I am the formless undifferentiated and non-conceptual unmanifested true and eternal Self that uses the mental and physical realms as forms of creative expression, through the use of personal avatars. Therefore, I Spirit Am Soul that I conscious mind am Subconscious mind. I am that I am. I am mind/body, born in and as a mental and physical image of my true Self that is the true Self of one and all. I am One being many avatars.

The Soul enacts the Present Moment via the Awareness of the subconscious which is the vessel of the Incarnate Soul/Awareness. To reiterate, the Present moment and the subconscious which is the vessel for the Incarnate Soul are all differentiations and levels of the one true and eternal Soul. This is what you as the Conscious mind aka Inner I, want to be present in and as, - this Awareness of Soul in all its different levels of beingness, as opposed to your personal thoughts.

As already stated, the Soul in all its differentiations (present moment, subconscious & Incarnate Soul) is the activity or body of one's true and eternal Consciousness. Therefore, it is only through being present in and as the 'Awareness' of the Present Moment that the Consciousness of mind (Son) and the Consciousness of Spirit (Father) merge into One. The Consciousness of mind can only merge with Spiritual Consciousness through the Soul in all its differentiations.

While your presence of mind is lost in its own creations of thought and their manifestations, it is not able to know itself as this Awareness that is its heart - its Soul and very life. It is not flowing with reality which is the Present Moment but lost in Thought which resists the flow of life. Egoic thinking goes against the current rather than with it.

If you associate your thinking mind with reality, then you will become lost in it and recreate history time and time again. Whereas the Being mind, does not become distracted nor lost, but stays still within the moment as the moment, while kept in perfect peace as it process's intuitive information while in and as the Flow.

The Conscious mind aka thought cannot be in two places at once serving two different masters. Ones Presence as thought is either present in its own self-generated thoughts or present in the moment as the Moment - as Soul - as Reality, being led, through 'Knowing' (Faith) by one's true and eternal Consciousness as Spirit.

The Temple is the Subconscious which is a manifestation of the Incarnate Soul to date. If you as the I-Presence aka Conscious Mind or thought, are not in your Temple, due to rolling out of the Subconscious/Incarnate Soul like a wave does the sea, then you are in illusion creating illusion.

While you as thought are IN thought, as thought, you are merely Consciousness (I) dreaming. While in the moment you are Consciousness (I) being Awareness (Am). This is reality.

“No one can serve two masters, for either he. will hate the one and love the other; or else. he will be devoted to one and despise the. other. - Matthew 6:24

Instead of losing your presence of mind - your Consciousness to self-generated thoughts that captivate your attention - your Consciousness, hold a state of being as opposed to a thinking state and become conscious of actually being Awareness - Soul itself. In this way you give life to the Spiritual dimension instead of the mental dimension in which one creates false images aka thoughts.

When Mind Consciousness ceases giving life to the false images it creates via the Mental Realm, Mind Consciousness by adopting a Being state, instead gives life to intuition given from the Spiritual Realm.

Once the subconscious has been healed in regard to the emotional body and core beliefs etc, and the two minds (the conscious and subconscious) come together as One, they form a channel that intuits Spirit. After realization of the Spiritual dimensional, you will then identify as Spirit living through the mind/body, rather than just a mind/body Of course, once you have identified with the Cause of your being Effect, then the right use of mind ensues for the master of the Temple is home. Instead of the mind being active it becomes still. Instead of the mind being your master, it becomes your servant.

It is easy to confuse Mind Consciousness and Spiritual Consciousness when you have never experienced existence in this lifetime beyond Mind Consciousness. However, once one gets a taste of the true Self, you will never eat the apple from the tree of knowledge again, preferring the fruit from the tree of life.

You must not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil,(mental realm of duality) for when you eat from it you will certainly die.” Genesis 2:17

To him who overcomes, I will grant to eat of the tree of life which is in the Paradise of God.'- Revelation 2:7

When one partakes from the mental realm of thought, one veils the true Self and kills the Spiritual, like Cain (ego) did to Abel (Spiritual self). This is because one's Mind Consciousness is distracted by the thoughts, feelings and their manifestations it itself creates. The Consciousness of mind is so distracted by itself, that it does not become conscious of its own Soul (Awareness) behind them as well as its true Consciousness of Spirit which directs Soul. This means one's Presence of being as Mind Consciousness is in thoughts and feelings while absent in one's temple of Awareness (Soul) where intuition is given from one's true Consciousness as Spirit.

As your Conscious Presence of Mind, become conscious of being Awareness - the Soul itself while at the same time becoming conscious of the fact this Awareness is in all beings great and small. In coming into your true Self, one becomes consciously aware of how connected one is to all of Life. One literally expands beyond the world of form to see the truth as the Truth. Suddenly you fall in love as Love. Spirit and Soul unite in the Garden of Eden, which is a state of mind that exhibits a Peace that Passes all Understanding.

~ Tracy Pierce

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