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The ever-present impersonal Spirit of truth that holds within itself all subjective realities is always, in all ways ready to lift us up out of any infirmity but must first have a human consciousness to use as an instrument of its peace and abundance. Note that I said 'its' peace and abundance, not 'your' peace and abundance.

To make this clear, you must understand that the truth of your being, otherwise known as your True Self or Spirit, is the inner and ultimate truth of ALL being. It is no respecter of persons. It is not here to serve the lower egoic consciousness of you or anyone else, that generally only cares for its own individual personal good due to having no awareness (ignorance) of its true Being in and of Spirit.

Awareness is the activity of consciousness. Therefore, be conscious of being this Awareness, rather than your thoughts. This means being present in Present Moment Awareness, rather than your personal thoughts. Know Thy (Impersonal) Self. Not My (personal) Self. The mind is the vessel of Consciousness, and this is all you know yourself as. As the vessel - not the true Self as Spirit. You must learn to know yourself as Spiritual Consciousness itself - beyond the vessel, through being conscious of Awareness itself which is the Soul - the activity of Spirit Consciousness. To reiterate and simplify - be present in the awareness of the moment and your consciousness will expand ever deeper to reveal dimensions of your being that you heretofore never knew existed.

Thy true Self, which is a mind aligned with itself as Spirit, is here to serve the highest good & purpose within you, as you. It is pointless then to go within meditatively and ask for more money health or love as an ego. You will not be heard any more than a fish under water would hear the singing of a bird on the tallest mountain on the highest tree. Illusion and reality can never know each other.

Go within then to know thy SELF - your true Self and in doing so you will resonate with ALL Beings, All good, ALL health, ALL wealth - ALL Truth as well as your very purpose for being here in this life. This is because your life has already been created in Spirit and it is perfect. As mind you are here to reveal it once you are aligned multidimensionally with the totality of your Being.

This is done through the right understanding, meditation and mindfulness which is often referred to as praying without ceasing. Meditation empties out the personal to make room for the impersonal. It empties out the false so the true Self can be realized. Meditation is the mind held as one thought that is like an open channel for Spirit to work through. Thinking is more than one thought, that crowds the mind and veils the true Self. One's life is then created from the inferiority of the mental realm as opposed to the superiority of the Spiritual realm.

Consciousness is here to serve only its Self, which is ALL selves and non selves within its SELF: therefore, if you want to be healed of sickness poverty etc it is pointless to go into meditation in WANT of these, for wanting is to admit you are separated from your truth. By recognizing your Self as Spirit, you will receive them. Not because you asked for them but because you ARE them. The subconscious will always manifest what it holds within itself as true, therefore be sure to be holding Spirit within the subconscious rather than egoic thoughts. This is the only way to heal oneself. When the illusion of ego is dispelled, the body reverts back to its perfection of being the reflection of Spirit.

The true Self never wants, for within itself is ALL things and non-things can be manifest without condition or limit to the consciousness that is consciousness aligned with it.

In other words, hold your conscious mind (I) aka as thought, in the subconsciousness (am) of your Being as Present Moment Awareness and it will eventually merge with the Awareness of Soul (Am) that is directed by Spirit (I). By doing so you will manifest all the added things - peace, health, and abundance in the material world. One cannot know their true Self as Spirit until they know their true Self as fullness of Soul which is the activity of Spirit.

In order to receive the blessings of Spirit, you must first become One with it. The truth will be measured out to the same degree you become aware of it being your truth that is not personal but impersonal. (It is above mental and physical subjectivity and objectivity).

Therefore, paradoxically it seems one must go within as nothing for nothing in order to be given everything. Only when there is no person left within the space and beingness of meditation, will the impersonal (True Self) flow into the personal aka your life and give you the blessings of Spirit. Only then will Spirit go out into the world to affect and heal your mental and physical concerns. Only then can it work on and through you to do what it always does - draw unto itself what it IS - Grace, peace, abundance, health, wellbeing, and connectedness with all beings.

To summarize; behold an inwardly meditative mind that is balanced consciously and subconsciously (Self Aware) in the ever present NOW (Outside of mental concepts) to intuitively receive spiritual light that consciously embodies/envisions a mental concept that is lovingly impregnated (Conception) with Spirit, into the subconscious to give birth into the world of effect as affect. (Affect=life in it). Such affect will draw unto itself it's like effect. In other words, Love is love's reward.

You must see clearly then that if you wish to heal anyone of an infirmity, of any kind, you must first rid yourself or rather heal yourself of the false image you have of them. You must see them for who they truly are - impersonally, not personally, beyond their sickness, beyond their own thoughts, beliefs, ideas etc about themselves.

If you want to heal the world, then first heal yourself.

~ Tracy Pierce

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