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To attain knowledge, think, think, and think some more. Compare and contrast - judge, for every thought, whether good or bad is just that - a judgment. This is how the Ego learns. One could equate it to crawling - through thinking we learn how to be.

To attain wisdom, 'Be'. Thinking is to crawling what Being is to walking. Here we stand on our own two feet: Our own two feet being the Spirit within. Rather than listening to the voice of 'They Say' in the outside world, we listen to that still small voice that speaks to us with the voice of Silence, willing us to move in sync with the world.

In being we take away one thought at a time, leaving our natural state of Being. When thinking ceases the Ego dies. The sense of a separate Self. All the beliefs and ideologies that will built up at birth - one thought at a time acted like another brick on the wall veiling Spirit. As each brick falls the true Self as Spirit is revealed.

No one ever becomes the true Self - no one eve becomes Enlightened. What happens is all the false falls away revealing the stunning wonder you always were all along. When that is seen with the Inner - and the mind knows its true Self, then and only then will you see it with the eyes of flesh for the mind cannot birth in the physical what it is unconscious of.

Become conscious - be still (mentally) and know that I am.

~ Love Tracy

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