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The Subconscious Mind (Omega) is our Temple that reincarnates lifetime after lifetime as we mould it into a perfect reflection of our true Self as the Alpha. We do not have to worry about consciously breathing, digesting our food, reacting to life etc as the Subconscious Mind Aka Human Soul is upheld by the true Self as the Alpha Aka the eternal I Spirit Am Soul flowing through it. The Conscious Mind which rolls out of it like a wave is the Witness which amplifies whatever it shines its light on. If the Conscious mind, makes conscious what is unconscious within the Subconscious, such as intuition, inspiration and instinct if it stays within its Temple. If the Conscious Mind, due to the Subconscious not being in a pure state, rises out of its Temple, it will not be present to firstly know itself as Spirit and secondly receive the gifts of Spirit such as intuitive guidance and peace that passes all understanding (Meaning mind).

Therefore, it is important that the Subconscious/Temple (Human Soul) has been cleansed of all Subconscious tendencies Aka Vasana's or redundant emotional patterns so that firstly Spirit can flow through it unfiltered as well as being peaceful enough for the Conscious mind as the Witness to rest in peace within it making conscious and giving life to the Divine word (Thought). If the Conscious Mind rises out of the Temple in unrest, then it will impregnate the Subconscious Mind with false images/thoughts that was created by Mind Consciousness rather than Spiritual Consciousness, which in turn creates more karmic Vasana's (Pain body) that will haunt and hinder us for many lifetimes, as well as veiling our true identify as the Alpha - as Spirit - our true Self.

The way to bring these hidden Vasana's and emotional patterns to life, such as the angry child or any other traumas felt through this life or previous ones, is to let them rise to the surface instead of self-medicating to avoid them, such as drugs, alcohol, sex etc - anything that distracts us from ourselves, so we do not have to feel them and then feel them. Let them be felt so that they can leave the body rather than live in it buried beneath all that we throw on top of it to avoid facing what did once hinder us. Living in the present moment, allows the conscious mind to sit in the Subconscious to make conscious all that we hide within it. The light of the Conscious Mind and the true Self as Spirit, burns away their toxicity when they surface, and we face them.

~ Love Tracy

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