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Understand it IS the thinking mind causing problems as much as it is the desire mind or Subconscious Mind. Remember both the conscious and Subconscious are the same mind, just different aspects of it.

People often believe that by using the Conscious Mind (That which you think with) to control emotion that somehow you will be successful in taming all your emotional hot spots. That will not happen, and you will note it rarely has throughout your life. You will be just as subject to the mind as you always were. Ask any addict. Even if that addiction is termed a healthy addiction, it is still a distraction. The Conscious Mind will distract itself with whatever it can from that which causes it emotional pain. The Conscious Mind Aka thought can never control the Subconscious effectively. IF it does, it does not for very long. People may even be able to suppress their desire for a whole lifetime - only to have it come back in the next as a Vasana because it was suppressed rather than dealt with.

The desire Mind, which Eckhart Tolle calls the Pain Body, will push the Conscious Mind up and out of its Temple due to its unrest Aka emotional turmoil. The Conscious Mind will not long linger in a place that haunts it, causing it pain. In fact, it will do more than not stay there, as you many will attest too. It will self-medicate to ensure it forgets what is hidden for forever and a day. Or smoke. Or distract itself in any number of ways be it a runners high, gambling, sex, relationships, overworking etc. The Conscious Mind, which you identify with will do any number of things to avoid dealing with its own internal pain. I think all of us know this to one degree or another.

So, what is the solution? It is staying present in the Subconscious to make what is unconscious in it - conscious. Period. We deal with our demons by facing them. We stop medicating, we stop smoking, we stop distracting ourselves with nonsense like gaming etc - or even non-nonsensical stuff and deal with that which does hinder us. This requires our presence - our very attention in our Temple - our Subconscious. Note that our Subconscious is always in all ways in and as the Present Moment. I say 'as' because the Subconscious is our part of the Present Moment. Everyone's Subconscious collectively IS the Present Moment. The Present Moment is a pure reflection of the One true Soul as much as it is testimony to the ego regarding the Vasana's it stores within itself.

If you stop creating thought and allow the conscious mind to become still, that which does hinder you within the Subconscious Aka Pain Body will rise to the surface and, you will deal with them through divine reasoning. Why divine reasoning rather than your own consciousness of Mind reasoning? Because Spiritual Consciousness is always accessed IN THE MOMENT. The Now is the ONLY reality that aligns all aspects of our being multidimensionally. It is the ONLY place the I of Mind and the I of Spirit become One. If you are not in the moment, you will not be able to divinely reason - you will only be able to reason with the egoic mind - not the true mind.

Creation works like this >> Spiritual Consciousness (I) >> Soul Awareness (Am) >> [Reflection of Mind - I am/ma] Subconscious (Human Soul) >> Conscious Mind. The Conscious Mind (Thought) is there to witness only and to give life where there is none in the physical. By attending or giving attention too, the Light of the Conscious Mind will give life too. Now UNDERSTAND for this is important - the Consciousness of Mind and the Consciousness of Spirit CANNOT MERGE AS ONE unless both Spiritual Consciousness and Mind Consciousness are both in the moment. Unless they are both in their 'Am's or their Souls. Unless they are both in the Now, the empty vessel of Mind Consciousness cannot be filled with Spiritual Consciousness, which means all your thinking is Ego inspired - not Spiritually or divinely inspired. YOU HAVE TO BE IN YOUR TEMPLE Aka Present Moment Awareness to receive intuition. Your mind has to be still both consciously and subconsciously to hear and know Spirit. Even if it is for a second.

If you are not in your Temple, it is because you are lost in your thoughts. It is as simple as that. Thoughts that are IN your conscious Mind - NOT your Subconscious, which is your Temple. So where are you? You are not in your Temple while you are thinking. You are in your Conscious Mind Aka thoughts - egoic thoughts - not divinely inspired thoughts. So, if you are lost in your own self-created thoughts, how are you going to become conscious of your true Self as Spiritual Consciousness itself and/or any guidance it is giving, if you are not in the same room it is given, to receive it? If you are NOT conscious of any intuition coming to you Josh, it is because you are lost in the make-believe world of your thoughts. Remember that - thoughts about reality are not reality. They are thoughts only and thoughts are NOT real. Only NOW is real. Only this present moment is reality. Unfortunately for most of our population, one is generally in their thoughts that cause one to rise out of their Temple time and time again, rendering one unconscious.

Worse yet, these egoic thoughts do more than distract your consciousness (attention) from their Temple and true Self. These Egoic thoughts will go on to defile the Subconscious. The Subconscious has been pre-programmed you might say to live a certain life by its true Self as Life - as Spirit. It naturally unfolds like a thousand petalled lotus with each lifetime. If the Conscious Mind does not rise in thought and a will of its own - the Subconscious (providing it has been healed of its Karmic Vasana's) will through the guidance of the true Self, will display our perfect life. This is what Jesus meant when he said, 'resist not'. He was telling us not to resist the present moment with egoic thoughts and to accept it as if we had chosen it (because in truth we have).

This is what meditation is about. Keeping you in your Temple where you not only receive your daily unleavened bread, you also realize or become conscious of yourself Spiritually. You cannot do that if firstly you identify as Mind/Body Consciousness while always listening to the Ego Mind, and secondly if you are never in your temple because of creating vain egoic thoughts that you think are useful to you but are in fact, generally not. Once you realize yourself as Spirit, Spirit takes over your life and lives it through you as you. You will never have to worry about taming the mind again.

~ Tracy Pierce

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