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This sweet sorrow, this surrendering of our personal sense of self, is the point life will eventually bring us all to if we are not living our highest truth from the Spiritual dimension as our true Self.

Your true Self is the potter. The mind and body are the clay. You are being moulded as we speak. Every experience you have whether you are conscious of it or not, is your true Self shaping you so that you reflect perfectly in the physical what you are in the Spiritual.

Life, which is part and parcel of the true Self, is geared up to work within pre-determined plans aka reality of the true Self. Not the delusional hopes and dreams of an egoic mind cut off from its true Self & true Intelligence.

If the mind is still going rogue, creating, and living in the thoughts that it created and manifested of its own accord, without Spiritual inspiration, you will notice life persistently foiling your plans or not going your way. People call this bad luck, but luck has nothing to do with luck. Not living your truth is the reason life continually seems to be going against you. It is rare the egos hopes, and dreams are in alignment with its true Self.

However, if you have adopted the right mind set (Meditative) and are aligned and intuitively led by one's Spiritual being, then you will notice life is serendipitous with synchronicity being the order of the day. Every moment will bring with it a sense of knowing what to do, say or be, without taking thought for it whatsoever. In other words, life will be effortlessly loving and rewarding.

There is nothing as the mind and body you need to but relax and let life unfold. The minute you stop resisting life with your ego-created thoughts, life naturally assumes its natural state seeing one healed in the process.

You must first however become disillusioned with the mind, or you will never seek Spirit. No one wakes up in a dream - it takes a nightmare to wake us up.

~ Tracy Pierce

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