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Your true self is Nonconceptual Consciousness (Spirit) being Undifferentiated Awareness (Soul). This is the true Self - the Self everyone wants to realize themselves as. Basically, Nonconceptual Consciousness being Undifferentiated Awareness is another way of saying 'Life living Itself' without differentiation - without the need to conceptualize it into different parts of being which the mind always, but not in all ways, does.

The One Consciousness (True Self) is reflected as Mind Consciousness. Some religions call the Mind the Son as it is born in the image of one's true Consciousness as Spirit. I am Spiritual Consciousness that I am Mind Consciousness. The Christ or Zen Mind (Effect) is perfect like its Creator as Cause and if the mind was not in an egoic state the physical world would reflect this. The perfect life does not have to be created by mind. It merely has to be revealed.

The mental and physical worlds become imperfect when the totality (All Minds) of Mind mistakes itself for Cause thereby creating life in the physical. It is not true Cause. It is Effect. Effect does not create Effect. If it does the physical world will become what the bible terms as a homosexual abomination in which like creates like - Effect creates Effect. The bible was never once referring to the relationship between two men but of warning against the mind masquerading as true Cause - Spirit - rather than the Effect is is. This is done due to ignorance. Due to the Mind being unconscious of itself Spiritually. The only way mind can create life is via thinking - taking thought, which in turn veils itself Spiritually as when the mind thinks it rises outside its Temple of Present Moment Awareness where it can ONLY know itself Spiritually. Awareness is Soul. It can only know itself as Spirit through the Soul which IS the Present Moment.

This One Mind - what some refer to as the Matrix our Universal Mind is like our mind in that is composed of many mind cells. These cells are what we identify with as 'Me' or "I am". It is our Incarnate Spirit that evolves with every lifetime as the Temple (which it is) is being prepared for the coming of the Lord aka realizing the True Self as Spirit. Every lifetime this I am becomes more conscious of itself as Soul being Spirit. Eventually it will experience Self-Realization and dissolve back into the One, only to fall again from Grace to rise once again as the snake eats its own tail.

When all minds know themselves as the One Mind, the One Soul and the One Spirit being One, this is called being in the Zen or Christ Mind which is aligned with itself Multidimensional - on all dimensions of Being and Non-Being. The mind when in its true state is a servant to its true Self as the Unmanifest or the first of my name I AM. The first I am of the I am.

There is only One mind, and everyone's Consciousness is a part of that One Mind - that One Consciousness that is in turn a reflection of the true unmanifest Self as Spirit (I) being Soul (Am). To demonstrate the same principle at another level, you could say we are all like 'one cell of the brain' so to speak. If any one of these brain cells are not connected to its DNA is becomes cancerous, working against the will and truth of the One Consciousness. This is true of the One mind also. If one person is disconnected to the truth of its Being Spiritually, then it harms the whole as we see so many demonstrating in today’s world where 10% own 99% of its wealth. Where half the world is dying of starvation while the other half dies of obesity. This is insanity demonstrated universally because the majority of the whole is still in an egoic state which causes everyone to believe they have a life of their own separate to each other and the world itself. If we knew the world as our own body and everyone and thing it is as we knew our arm to be a part of us - no one would ever be harmed for we would truly treat them like ourselves knowing, in reality they actually are.

The Conscious Mind is a vessel for our Consciousness as the Incarnate Spirit, and in turn the Incarnate Spirit is a vessel for the true Self. A vessel like clay that is being moulded by karmic experience in order to prepare it for the Holy Spirit to guide it in its true purpose for being. The subconscious is the body - a (part of the Soul), that the Incarnate Spirit is conscious of at this point in its own individual evolution within the whole. Just as the Soul aka Awareness is the activity or expression of Spirit, so the subconscious is the activity and expression of the Incarnate Soul express in the consciousness of mind. I am that I am. I Spirit Am Soul. I Conscious Mind Am Subconscious Mind.

I (Self) Am (Aware) so the reflection is of this I AM is also Self (I) Aware (Am). Conscious mind is consciousness and subconscious mind is Awareness. The perfect reflection.

Never mistake (though we always do) the Consciousness of Mind as your true Consciousness. It is not. It is merely the vessel of your true Consciousness. Both Mind and Spirit are Consciousness, only one is an image of Consciousness - A temporary Temple being Effect while the other is eternal and infinite as Cause.

Every Incarnate Spirit (Vessel of Spiritual Consciousness) within the Soul, is at a different point in evolution, in that its Awareness (Soul) will be in direct proportion to its developing Consciousness of itself as Spirit. This is why some are born more conscious or less conscious than others. Moreover, the state of one's Consciousness is not always indicative of how highly evolved or how close the Incarnate Spirit is to ending its karma and being fully awake either. Some people are born into a temporary consciousness that does not reflect their high level of Consciousness due to the Temple or Consciousness needing to teach them (awaken them) to a particular truth. Or because that vessel is needed to heal another. For example, someone with down syndrome could be a highly evolved being that others would call an Angel, here only to teach via his life being what it is. Animals also. This is why we should not judge appearances. The mind disconnected to itself Spiritually is unable to see beyond the veil there often mistakes and judge’s appearances blind.

The minds true job is to BEhold (hold within and as itself while in a state of Being) the Holy Ghost of thy Self as Spirit. The only way to do this is through being Present (I) Moment (Mind) Awareness (Am). In this way you align with all dimensions of your Being: I am that I am. The I am Consciousness of Spirit and the I am Consciousness of Mind become One rather than living as two.

Through bringing the Conscious Mind's (I) Presence into the Awareness of the Subconscious (Am) the I and the Am of the mental/physical and Spiritual Realms are joined as Present (I)Moment Awareness (Am), thereby aligning as the One Self multidimensionally. Rather than the I am of Mind being unconscious of the I AM of Spirit. In this way the Inner I aka Conscious Mind/thought, is informed by itself as Spirit through 'Knowing aka Faith' from being Present (rather than absent) within its Temple. The Temple being Present Moment Awareness. This is opposed to being informed through knowledge by thinking outside the Temple, looking with the outer eyes of flesh upon the world. When the mind looks outwards, it creates an egoic world - a world created from only the mental and physical realms - which is basically history repeating itself. When the Mind looks inwards it creates from and as Spirit from the Spiritual Realms as Cause.

"The mind turned inwards is the Self: turned outwards it becomes the ego and all the world" - Sri Ramana Maharshi

One must, as the conscious mind cleave to the Present Moment Awareness of the Subconscious for the Subconscious is the door to the Spiritual Realms. One's Consciousness as Being Awareness from this point onwards expands and deepens in realization of the 'Self'. This 'so called looking back rather than out. This requires going beyond the mental process of thought and emotion until one becomes Conscious of themselves as Awareness - as the activity of Soul, for it is only through the Soul that Mind and Spiritual Consciousness unite as One. Just like in the physical world which we can see with the eyes of flesh. The son cannot know the Father except through the Mother which births the Son into the world for the Father to experience. The Son always knows the Mother before the Father. Always in all ways.

Self-Realization is knowing you are the Father, the Mother and the Son. You in the totality of your Being play all these parts. You are Spirit being Soul (Cause) expressed in Effect aka Son. I am that I am. Self-realization is knowing you are the Cause behind the Effect, even while being the effect which is incapable of knowing itself as Cause with the rudimentary senses. You do not know thy Self with the eyes of Flesh - you know Thy self with the I of your Being.

Focus always in all ways on and in your sense of I am-ness for this is the door. The I (Consciousness) must stay present in the Am (Awareness). In this way you will find Thy self or rather the Self will be revealed for it was always there. You simply could not see it through the illusion that hindered you.

~ Tracy Pierce

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