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Please bear in mind the importance of what Sri Ramana Maharishi is saying while meditating or practicing moving meditation (mindfulness). The mind is composed of both the conscious mind (thought 5%) and the subconscious mind (feeling 95%). The true mind is the subconscious. The conscious mind rolls out of it like a wave does the sea, illuminating and giving life to whatever it witnesses. Such is the nature of Consciousness. Whatever it is conscious of, it impregnates the subconscious with, and the subconscious in turn gives life to it on the physical world.

Many people forget their emotions having to be just as calm & centred as their thoughts when meditating. Both are mind. One's emotions are an expression of their thoughts, just as thunder is an expression of lightning. Likewise, the subconscious is an e-motional expression of the conscious mind aka thought.

The only way for the mind to be free of unwanted (and unnatural) emotions that arise within the subconscious aka our Temple, is to prevent the conscious mind from rising in thought. If the conscious mind does not rise in thought, then unnatural emotions will not arise within the subconscious either. These emotions are called unnatural as they are not born or inspired by one's true Consciousness as Spirit, but rather the vessel Consciousness of mind that has risen out of the Temple, rendering it unconscious of its true and eternal Self. Therefore, Mind-Consciousness or Mind-Vessel, is an empty vessel that has not been filled with the Holy Ghost aka Intuition. When Vessel or Mind Consciousness tries to create life itself, by taking thought from the Mental Realm as opposed to being given it by the Spiritual Realm, it is called an egoic mindset. The egoic mind rises out of the Temple (subconscious) in thought, creating false images - which are images or thoughts created by mind instead of Spirit and in turn cause unnatural emotions to rise within the Temple that defile it. The Conscious Mind rises in thought, as it does not know it's true Self Spiritually, therefore believes it must itself create life, rather than reveal it from the Temple where it is given Spiritual guidance.

It is important to understand that the Conscious Mind which we derive our sense of 'I am-ness' from, is Vessel Consciousness or Mind-Consciousness, that is temporary (Temple). It is basically an empty vessel until its true Self as the Eternal Consciousness of Spirit is realized. This can only happen if the conscious mind sits in its Temple of Present Moment Awareness (Subconscious), rather than rising out of it in its own self-generated thoughts.

The subconscious, which is our Temple, is a combobulation of thoughts from not only this lifetime but many lifetimes before it and is experienced as our body of Awareness which is responsible for all manifestation. This Awareness of our Being is felt, it is not thought. Hence why meditation must be felt as much as thought.

The subconscious if often referred to as the heart due to it being felt rather than thought. One's Subconscious 'Awareness' (Am) is the activity, or the expression or body of one's Mind-Consciousness (I). Just as the Soul (Awareness - Am)) is the activity or expression of Spirit (Consciousness - I). The subconscious represents how consciously aware we are at this point in our personal evolution. Or put another way, the subconscious represent how far along the Vessel has been prepared by Spirit do date.

Moreover, and this is really important to note, the subconscious answers to more than just the conscious mind, which is shouldn't really answer to at all.

The subconscious like in the story of Adam and Eve is deceived by the Conscious Mind (Satan or Snake) that acts like one's true and eternal Consciousness but is not. It is an imposter! The egoic Consciousness (vessel) has not been filled with the Holy Spirit aka Intuition, so this vessel (Conscious mind) is creating life from the mental realm as opposed to the Spiritual realm. The egoic mind aka Vessel Consciousness that is empty, commands or impregnates the subconscious (Eve) to respond emotionally and manifest these self-created false images it the physical. Eve is deceived by the snake, believing it is Adam (Adam is the true mind that stays in the garden). They thoughts the ego is creating outside of the Temple, are called false images as they were created by Vessel Consciousness as Mind, rather than one's true Consciousness as Spirit that works through the vessel (conscious mind) when it is in its Temple.

The subconscious however responds to both the Vessel Mind-Consciousness and one's true and eternal Consciousness (It sees no separation) that works through the Soul. Remember the subconscious is a part of the Soul. Everyone's subconscious IS collectively the vessel for Soul. We call the subconscious ours as, it is the only part of the Soul that we as the Son or vessel Consciousness is conscious of in our evolution to date. When we are fully realized as the Self, we will have dominion over the whole Soul, knowing it as our own being Cause, which is impersonal and undifferentiated.

The conscious mind has control over the subconscious to a certain degree, however it pays (as the conscious mind aka thought) not to resist the subconscious mind aka Present Moment, but to go with it, when it has been purified. This is why I advocate over and over again for the Conscious mind to resist not mentally via though - to consciously sit in the subconscious mind aka Present Moment Awareness. This is the meditative mind. If we as the empty Vessel - Conscious mind, do rise out of our Temple, in our own uninspired thoughts then we cause unnatural emotions to rise and defile our Temple. A Temple that we consequently will not be able to rest in after we have defiled it. A Temple that one spends a long-time cleansing and healing in preparation for the realization of the Self. Rising in thought creates egoic habit patterns and core beliefs etc that eventually must be healed and negated. Understand the Conscious Mind's role is to be the witness, not the director of life. It is to work with the subconscious rather than against it, outside of Present Moment Awareness.

Understand the Subconscious Mind is not sub to the Conscious Mind which rolls out of it like a wave. The Subconscious Mind is sub to the Soul being Spirit - the great I AM. The Subconscious Mind sits in between the Conscious Mind and the Soul, or rather it is embodied by the Soul and rolls out of it, much like the Conscious Mind rolls out of the Subconscious. The Conscious mind, aka our thoughts, which we identify with, and which we believe, in our ignorance to be the true Consciousness - the true Self, believes it is running the whole show, via the thinking mind, however it is not. It is merely scribbling all over the artwork that is made by Spirit being Soul - I AM. We believe all of life is commanded and created by us - by our thoughts. This is not true.

When thinking ceases, our natural state of being is restored. As I said earlier. The conscious mind is the witness, the revealer of Life, not the creator. One's true Consciousness as Spirit being Soul is the creator - the Cause. The Incarnating Mind Consciousness has confused itself for its true and eternal Consciousness as the Father or as Spirit depending on your choice of words. This is because it cannot stay in its defiled Temple long enough to realize its true Self. Whatever is in its temple, the conscious mind is for the most part unconscious of due to a lack of attendance.

The subconscious preforms many, in fact most acts, that we are simply not conscious of, nor probably ever will be in this lifetime. We know it has absolute control over the functions, sensations, and conditions of the body. This is a scientific fact, proven by demonstration, however the ultimate cause of why and how this is so remains yet a mystery. In my own personal opinion, it is because it is tethered to our true Self as Spirit being Soul. The mind has no life of its own. It can only be upheld by its true Self as Spirit (I) being Soul (Am). Bear in mind the subconscious is not a thinker. It is a doer based on a comprehensive knowing from both the vessel of Consciousness as well as one's true and eternal Consciousness (Spirit) being Awareness (Soul). In other words, it is directed by both the small, temporary, light of the Conscious mind and the true light of Spirit. It should be directed by both working together in alignment, under Grace.

What the subconscious feels to be true, will be demonstrated or manifested in the physical, even if it is not true through being impregnated by the Egoic Mind-set. If we pollute it with egoic thoughts, causing unnatural emotions or rise and fill the Subconscious, the Subconscious will superimpose those false images emoted or will through unnatural emotions into the physical world. These thoughts would be akin to a 2-year-old toddler scribbling all over an artwork considered to be a masterpiece. The masterpiece is of course a life created by the purity of Soul (Love) being Spirit (Intelligence) as it flows through the subconscious and out into the world.

To summarize and reiterate these last few paragraphs in principle; the true mind is demonstrated by the subconscious being directed by the true Self flowing through it, with the conscious mind acting as a witness that makes conscious what initially is unconscious within the Temple or Subconscious. This is the Christ or Zen mind.

The Egoic mind is demonstrated by the Conscious Mind rising out of the Subconscious Temple that is ever-present in and AS the moment, in the process of thinking. Thinking that is uninspired by its true intelligence, its true Consciousness as Spirit. This causes the Subconscious to rise in unnatural emotions which defiles the Temple, causing the Conscious mind to rise again to be out of the fray or emotional trauma it created itself. This back and forth between the two minds is called a 'Negative Feedback Loop that sees the Conscious Mind rise and rise again out of its Temple that has been defiled with false images and unnatural desires. Of course, with the Conscious mind no longer in attendance of its Temple, it has effectively cut itself off from its true Self - Self, its true intuitive guidance. It is to all intent and purposes, it is now unconscious of its 'Self' spiritually, therefore, mistakes itself as 'Effect', for the true Self (Cause), which it believes, lives and dies, and must also create life via the caravan of thought, rather than being inspired by Spirit and revealing Life.

If one does not know one's self as Cause (Spirit) they will take themselves to be Effect (Mind/body). They will believe they must create life, rather than reveal it.

It is clear to see then, that contrary to popular belief, the Subconscious mind is actually the true mind. It is the subjective mind, subject to the Consciousness of both the Objective Mind aka Conscious Mind (false self) while also being subject to the Consciousness of Soul being Spirit (True Self). Remember, the Subconscious is the vessel for the Soul. Everyone's subconscious collectively constitutes the vessel of the One Eternal Soul. If the Soul is not being manifested in her true loving glory it is because the egoic mind has delayed, distorted, or destroyed the light of Spirit coming through the mind.

~ Tracy Pierce

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