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What else can make us suffer so much as that which we love? The world is ever changing in its evanescence, so what we gain we will eventually lose within its own season. What was born must inevitably die. This includes your physical and mental body. Therefore, do not attach or identify yourself to either of these forms least you live in fear of losing them. Instead come to know Thy Self beyond the forms you identify your existence with. Come to know Thy true unmanifest Self that dwells eternally and infinite outside of form.

It is true that the Omega Aka Effect or Form, like its Cause cannot be created nor destroyed, however the forms the Omega assumes are not eternal. They constantly change in the infinite expression of one's true omniscient Self as the Unmanifest Cause behind all creation. Here is your eternal peace. You, as the true and eternally infinite Consciousness of Spirit, must know yourself beyond the form of Mind and Body Consciousness, beyond the thoughts, and feelings of mind and body Consciousness by first becoming Conscious of your own Awareness, Soul Aka Subconscious, then of the true Awareness - the true Soul which is the activity of one's true and eternal Consciousness.

Understand the Consciousness of Mind/Body - your sense of I am-ness in regard to this is for the most part an illusion. Until the Consciousness of Mind is aligned and merged with the Consciousness of Spirit - Thy true Self, then the mind will continually believe itself to be the creator of its Life, thereby misusing the mind in the creation of thought rather than the revelation of it. The mind was not built to create life but reveal it.

The only way for the Mind and Spiritual Consciousness to merge as one, whereby the mind is inspired by Spirit through intuition, is through and as Present Moment Awareness.

Only after realization of thy true Consciousness - true self, will you let go of your unnatural attachment to form which continually dies and rebirths itself in the service of Spirit its Cause, its Creator so to speak. Once you know yourself beyond form, losing the body or the body of a loved one will feel no more significant than changing clothes at the end of the day. Nothing truly is lost. Nor gained in reality.

First you must find this truth you are beyond form, within yourself and then you will see it in everyone else for we are ONE. The way is meditation mindfulness and intuition. Only then can one truly live in the moment without undue attachment.

~ Tracy Pierce

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