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Most people are not conscious of themselves Spiritually. They do not have a direct relationship as mind/body with themselves as Spirit. They are not even in communion with themselves spiritually nether lone union. Most have had no experience of themselves Spiritually and if they have, it was a lone experience that more or less taught them nothing of their true Self. They are - in truth - a mind/body creating the physical world around them while completely ignorant of themselves as Spirit. Therefore, they create from the level of mind, rather than the level of Spirit.

Rather than creating from a place of Oneness, infinity, omniscience etc they create from a realm of duality and limitation - which is the nature of mind when not operated on and mastered by Spirit. If the mind is not conscious of itself as Spirit (Cause - The true I), then Spirit cannot directly guide the mind (Effect - The Illusionary I). Rather the mind has to be guided by the laws of Soul aka Karmic experience. In other words, we reap what we sow, until we realize the Self - our true nature. This is and very painful way to learn. Much suffering happens in this manner.

Look around and you will see the Egoic mind on display. The reason for that is Spirit is not on the scene. Justs the mind/body is. The mind is creating the physical world we call reality. Not Spirit. Mind is using the light of Spirit, but not the images - not the truth. The light of Spirit, that shines through the mind is filtered in a major way by the mind ignorant of itself Spiritually. Hence, what we see the world as today. The copious thought created as mind is like putting a your hand as a shadow puppet in front of a projector. It both blocks and disfigures the pure light of Spirit. The mind, rather than being guided by Spirit is guiding itself - spiritually blind - cut of from its truth and the reality we are all One.

So, what we see in others - the rapists, the murders, those that judge etc, is not really Spirit or God. For no God or Spirit could do those things or judge so harshly. Love does not know any darkness. What we are seeing is a mind devoid of a master. A mind ignorant of itself Spiritually. A mind living without its true intelligence - living without true love. What we see is pure ignorance. What we see is the manifestations of a mind gone insane - even if insane is the 'norm' and its normal to see homeless people, starving people, people hating each other, stealing from each other. It may be the norm but it is far from normal - it is insane. It is insane for a species to create a weapon that will kill all mankind. The mind, without Spirit must be forgiven for it knows not what it does.

So, e even thought All is Brahman - not all is Brahman at all. The delusion within illusion (Effect or matter) created by a mind when it is cut off from its Source, - is actually the absence of Brahman. It is the mind untamed, wild and separated from its Source. A mind not loved. A mind with no real intelligence of its own - no real life of its own. It is not to be hated - just understood because understanding is another word for love and love is what tames the mind. It must be understood that the mind ignorant of its true intellect and heart is quite insane and cannot be held accountable for its actions. Just as we do in a court of law. We cannot punish the insane. And it is insane to murder and rape and judge. So protect the innocent and heal the ignorant with understanding. This is how the untamed mind becomes tame enough to meet its master aka Spirit/Cause.

How many times have you hurt another in your lifetime because you did not know then what you know now? Exactly - Awareness aka Soul, is everything. Give the unaware the understanding you insight you needed.

For when you know Thy Self, you realize that hurting another is exactly the same as hurting yourself - for we are all One. That is not a sweet little concept - that is literal. Take it literally. It would be insane for the right hand to slap the left hand - yet that is what we do as Ego (The unconscious) almost every day.

If everyone knew themselves as Spirit living through a mind/body, rather than just a mind/body theorizing about being Spirit (that it has never really experienced), then we would not have war, poverty, disease etc. All these things manifest due to our ignorance as Spirit - experientially. People only judge because the Spirit in them is absent. If it were present, there would be nothing to judge. All would be known pertaining to that moment and all within it. Awareness is omniscient.

So - daily I have to remind myself - forgive them Father (The true I) for they know not what they do - and love who I know has no love, time or true respect for me. Some days it works and some days it doesn't - some days I feel sorry for myself lol. And some days like today - I remember to see beyond the appearance, to the truth - the purity of light behind the ignorant mind (Ego) and take heart again - knowing I am in the presence of Thy Lord. That all is actually right with the world and that there is love in the world, even if it's cold outside.

~ Tracy Pierce

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